Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ladies in the front row touching toes...

ummm...hello, now THAT was a party. zomg! zomg! last night was the kind of club night that makes you want to give up all semblance of responsibility and normalcy and ditch job, school, grown-up life and be a non-stop, 24 hour party girl. it was soooooooo good!

first of all, revival was the PERFECT spot. it's one big, fat, large room. stage, dancefloor, bar, DONE. no flashy stuff because there's no need! the night started off with me and dr. rei eating some fall-y, starchy, porky goodness (pictured above) and then finishing "harry potter and the chamber of secrets" (dear chris columbus: i don't like your directorial style). then we got all glammed up (pictured at left). i had just been bemoaning the fact that my silver dress had yet to arrive from ebay, and lo and behold, as i came home from work yesterday, there was a jaunty little package care of u.s. post poking exuberantly out of my mailbox. for joy! what an auspicious start to the evening! that and my hair (which i had slept on while still damp) was a riot of kinky waves and controlled volume. huzzah! dr. rei helped me apply eye makeup which was fun, but i don't know if i have the chutzpah to do it myself.

we arrived at arrival to the sounds of catchdubs. well hey there dude i've neverheard of! you're the bomb! rude tunes that go people nicely warmed up for the kid sister/a-trak assault to come. those two are so cute! i'm in love with them both individually in equal measure, but put them together and it's a supernova of love/adoration for them. kid sister is an absolutely luminous, winning, energetic, consumate entertainer, and when she's on stage with a-trak, they do a back-and-forth where she chats to the crowd "nice sunglasses, baby, ooooh, i like that jacket" and then says stuff like, "play the track, baby, just play the track" and he's all like, "easy, tiger" as she unleashes her supreme dance moves 'pon the floor. it's OUT. OF. HAND. they're so in love! what a juggernaut of talent!

then dj mehdi and a-trak did a back-to-back set that rocked my world. oh okay, you're going to play T.I. WHAT YOU KNOW?!? wow. why didn't you tell me and dr. rei that this night was CUSTOM-DESIGNED for us? redonkulous! look at how hot and frrraanncche dj mehdi is! delicious! finally, the night ended with kavinsky (aka grandpa, aka the silver fox) laying the teardown. basically, he was everything that justice was not. he could mix, and he mixed it up, and won me over when he played "teenage wasteland" by the who.

i danced my ass off and got sweaty alongside my bff which is basically the best you could ask for. in STARK contrast to the justice show, this place was TEEMING with hot boys. one guy was so hot that i was on the brink of going up to him and telling him, "there are a LOT of fine looking men here tonight, but damn, son, you are chewing them UP". seriously guys, i would tear that a** apart.
so let's have a rundown here: hype, dancefloor smashing tunes, expertly mixed, in an unpretentious club, with hot boys = a night to remember. nights like that don't come round all that often...i'm so glad we went. it OBLITERATED justice. the only small kink is that i'll probably never see that cool glass of water of a man again. le sigh.

since i ate like 10lbs of crap, i'm continuing the trend by ordering pizza tonight. mamma's, 1/2 veneziana, 1/2 devil's delight.


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dr.rei said...

when they dropped the TI, the look of pure joy on our faces as we looked at each other a screamed was just about the most epic thing ever.

best partner in crime of liiiiiiife