Wednesday, October 10, 2007

karl lagerfeld, PHD?!?

or, DOCTOR karl lagerfeld, mayhap? my sociology prof emailed me about my last reading report and complimented me on my "insightful ideas" and "beautiful writing". she also was wondering why i wasn't doing a phd. which got me thinking: why AREN'T i doing a phd?

here are the pros:
- i can make everyone call me doctor
- a life of indolence, getting to teach and espouse on subjects i'm passionate about
- being able to school people and get paid for it
- daily reaffirmation of my genius

here are the cons:
- i'm too much of a dilettante to tie myself to one subject
- the hoops-jumping
- the non-guaranteed tenured job
- the 5 years of making student money

basically, i do produce my best work under these circumstances:
a) when i get to prove people i find stupider than me, wrong
b) when i get validation for my brilliance

which on paper would make me an ideal candidate for further grad work. i dunno. it's nice to be recognized. i've got a meeting with her to talk about it some more. she's also writing a book for routledge and she wants to run some stuff by me. it looks like routledge is just HANDING books out, nowadays. haha, j/k. apparently it's about "foodies". (btw, i LOATHE that term). i honestly doubt i have the drive to finish a phd. i wish i could just write witty, incisive, scathing cultural commentary for like, the new yorker, or harpers or something. like, if i could pick what i wanted to write about. kind of like here. i mean, if this isn't the blogging equivalent of harpers or the new yorker, i don't know WHAT is. ha! anyway, the prof thinks i'm teh awesome. which is nice. because i'm generally too uppity in my FIS classes to make much of a good impression (i don't think very highly of the faculty there).

the roomie ran into someone (the gf of a friend) at the bar last thursday, who as they were leaving, got up and mentioned that they had to get up early for class. turns out they're at FIS. so the roomie goes, "oh, my roommate is at FIS, do you know her? name's karl lagerfeld?" and the girl is drawing a blank, then the roomie goes, "short, tiny, asian girl, BIG MOUTH" and then the girl goes, "ah, yes, i DO know her". haha. i'm big mouth lee!

okay, i have to finish my multiculturalism paper that's due in 3 hours. and vote! go mixed member proportional! this whole election has left a sour taste in my mouth. john tory looks like a semi-strong leader, but chose a crap platform, dalton mcguinty's beady little eyes are creepsville, and even though i'm voting ndp, howard hampton is a mealy-mouthed ineffectual whiner. seriously guys, (and by that i mean, the ndp) FIX UP. INSPIRE PEOPLE! don't just go based on what you're NOT.

last night's dinner turned out really nice! i came up with a new salad (i don't know how original it actually is, but it's the first time **i** have made it). it was chopped romaine, with red onion, toasted walnuts, and caramelized roasted pears in a red wine vinaigrette. the sweetness of the pears was really nice with the richness of the walnuts and the bite of the red onion, cut through with the acerbic shot from the dressing. and my cauliflower soup is always a winner. it comes out like cauliflower velvet on a spoon. tonight for dinner i'm packing leftover turkey and stuffing slathered in gravy with a tonne of fruit. the boy and the roomie are having this slow-cooker concoction of braised navy beans with grape tomatoes, rosemary, thyme and sage and garlic, topped with italian sausages and kale. i love this dish. i'll eat it over the weekend sometime.


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dr.rei said...

join meeeeeeeee, poppies will make you joiiiiiiiiiin, joiiiiiiiiiin, now you'll joiiiiiiiin.

that was inspired by the wicked witch of the west. basically what i'm saying is join me in the life of phd splendor. but either way, it's the bomb that the sociology broad is giving you daps! can i get a whut whut? awww yih