Tuesday, October 16, 2007

jobstress AND earbuds=wack

so i went for another jog yesterday. i think that did it. i'm officially a jogger. three times in one week means that you're officially the whatever you did three times that week. so i'm also a showerer, a dinner maker, and a narcoleptic. went to sleep at TEN pm last night! flannel is going to be my undoing.

anyway, i've been listening to my ipod the past two times running. usually i use these earmuffy type headphones the dotytron bought because they capture the bass and also because i hate earbuds. well, yesterday was a stark reminder just WHY exactly i loathe them so. now, i don't know if i just have the waxiest ears this side of madame tussaud's, but taking out earbuds is an exercise in abject, wax-derived humiliation. so gross! and let me assure you, gentle readers, that i go to TOWN on my ears. 1 q-tip per.

last night's dinnie was fantastic! that pasta is so easy and the returns are huge! i melted some butter and roasted garlic oil (regular olive oil is fine) in a pan and threw in some finely sliced red onion. let that sweat out for a bit and then tossed in a LOT of roughly chopped mixed mushrooms, mostly white button (one of those paper bags at the grocery store by the loose mushrooms, full). i cranked the heat on high so that the mushrooms seared all over, and then threw in some roasted garlic, smashed up, and chopped fresh thyme. added a splash of white wine to deglaze, seasoned with salt and pepper and turned the heat to low. cooked the pasta, drained it, and tossed the mushroom mix with the pasta and about one cup of the reserved pasta water, along with a knob of parmesan i had grated and some chopped fresh parsley. i served it with that romaine, red onion, toasted walnut and caramelized pear salad with the red wine vinaigrette. i'm in love with that salad right now.

tonight for dinnie we're having a shrimp curry in a tomato-cream sauce with curried green beans and steamed rice. i might also make a butternut squash and apple soup for tomorrow, which is everyone's late day.


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