Sunday, October 14, 2007

i've become one of THEM

i went for a jog yesterday. yup. ME. running. technically, i walked 2 times around the track and ran once, so i only ran about 4 times. it almost DESTROYED me. no kidding.

then i met up with dr. rei and we went on a long, rambling journey through kensington, whereby she benefited greatly from my stylist advice. we also were in some weird confluence of hot guys yesterday. no less than four (4!!!!) extremely hot guys crossed our paths and engaged with us in some form or another. it was a lucky, lucky day folks.

deep blue fish'n'chips was a semi-winner. my chief complaint is that the portions are on the smaller side (the standard-bearer is harbord fish'n'chips) and the batter is of the bread-y, chewy variety that soggifies quickly, instead of the shatteringly crisp kind. the green pea hummous that came with my halibut'n'chips was quite nice, and if you venture from the standard, the jerk battered fish with the sweet potato fries is quite good, as was the corn-breaded fish, according to our dining companion, evil homer. i think if we go, it'll be for the non-traditional items, and for traditional fish'n'chips, go to reliable or harbord.

my butter tarts turned out AMAZING! homemade butter tarts are the best. my pastry is the bizzomb, first and foremost, which creates a lovely, flaky barrier between you and your first taste of the sweet, treacly filling. i also like my tarts on the firmer side (ie. not so much runny) and i made two kinds, half with pecans and half plain (the pecan ones are on the left, above). divine!!! the yield was quite good too, 24 butter tarts all told.

today is a day of productivity. i bailed on my book club meeting because i don't want to the book club to be me and two (2!!!) forty year olds. so i'm going to go for another few laps around the track, do homework, then ready myself for dodgeball and chinese all you can eat hotpot, after.



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