Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's that damn cold night...

nothing sums up the bone-chilling, bed-romanticizing nature of the coming of winter like a plaintive avril lavigne lyric from the first ballad off her first album. sooo nippy! last night i got a fair bit of studying in. but the real shocker is how much i managed to consume in my pms-crazed fervor of hunger: 1 LARGE bowl of leftover macaroni and cheese, 1 slice of leftover pizza that wasn't mine, 1/2 tube of sour cream and onion pringles, 2 devil's food cake cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream (the roomie made them under my direction for a shower at her work), 2 rice krispie squares (i made them whilst procrastinating). that's pretty impressive. i got a bit of a tummy ache. thank god i mitigated the damage with an evening run with my friend the chief.

also whilst procrastinating i blew through the new adrian tomine book from drawn & quarterly, "shortcomings". it's a sad little number about self-absorbed, urban, lefty, vaguely hipster (but like, 35 year old hipsters from the west coast, circa the time when listening to dinosaur jr. made you a hipster, NOT simian mobile disco) people falling in and out of love, and in particular, an asian couple and their protracted relationship built on misunderstandings. there's an interesting racial dynamic woven in, with the boy in the couple preoccupied with nailing white girls, but essentially it comes down to gen xers not knowing what in the hell they want. i love his drawing style, so that keeps me coming back, even as i feel myself incredibly distanced from the actions and motivations of the characters.

we also watched "harry potter and the prison of azkaban". wow! alfonso cuaron does an AMAZING JOB! the previous two films felt like trials to watch, and i thought that christopher columbus made the whole pacing of the films feel very mechanical and plodding, not doing justice to the action and darkness that rowling crafts in her stories. this one was a legitimate movie in its' own right, and the dementors were fantastic! the darkness of the tone compared with the way the film cut from scene to scene was expertly executed. i know he didn't direct the fourth one, but i'm hoping the fourth one follows in the same vein.

tonight for dinner i'm going to make a portugese chorizo, kale, and chickpea soup with toasted slices of fred's potato bread and butter.


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