Saturday, October 27, 2007

hugh's room

last night was fun. i put on EYE MAKEUP for the first time since my dr. rei-facilitated liquid liner breakthrough of '07. it was crazytown! i bought a dark purple shade and this gold coloured shade for highlighting, but unfortunately the swarthiness of my skin doesn't make the colour pop as much as it does on dr. rei's alabaster canvas. anyway, it was kinda fun to get glammed up for what was a glorified high school reunion.

there were a LOT of old people inside the ride last night. it was kinda weird. like, over fifty was well represented. and hugh's room is a mostly sit-down place? so the only place to stand is right by the door and the bar...kinda strange. it's kind of faux-fancy, with the walls covered in 8x10 glossies of artists i've never heard of. anyway, the vibe was kind of odd, but i can deal with that. it was a *little* hard coughing up $18 for cover though. considering i thought that the cover came with a cd. BOY WAS I WRONG.

anyway, it turned into a big high school reunion of mostly the dotytron's old crew and random peeps. it was fun, but i don't know many of them well enough yet for it to be the BEST TIME EVER. it's a lot of small-talk chitchat and i feel like i'm running at 25%. which is different when i'm around people i adore and love when i'm running at 150%. it's like half-mast karl lagerfeld, which isn't quite as fun as i am capable of being.

anyway, we left at like, 10:30pm (we got there at around 8:45pm). i don't think we quite realized *how* early it was when we started making our goodbyes cuz we were kind of getting funny looks from peeps, but whatever, tonight is a busy night and i have a midterm and a presentation and an assignment due next week that i should be working on, in addition to starting sunday work tomorrow AND dodgeball. and honestly, the funnest part of last night was going home with the dotytron and eating pork souvlaki pitas and cupcakes in bed while watching "harry potter and the goblet of fire". all this AFTER eating that delicious dinner pictured above. pms is CRAZY, man. i felt disgusting last night. i'm quitting cold turkey.

tonight we're dressing up and heading to dr. rei's place for a 50s food-themed party and then maybe going out dancing. people are making all kinds of weird marshmallowy salads and stuff. the dotytron is making a surprise! thatched cottage filled with spinach dip and i'm making deviled eggs and red velvet cupcakes (as previously mentioned).


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