Monday, October 01, 2007

go pirates go!

we effin CRUSHED the team last night. their team captain looked like the singer from iron & wine (aka he was a white guy with a beard) and they were kind of hippied out. they were very nice though and were really good sports about everything. we won 18-5. the problem was, it was such a massacre that i barely broke a sweat. that's not so good. but we saw it as a chance to build up our skills, so it was almost like a practice game. good times!

other than that, nothing new to report. i finished my paper and submitted it last night...making it TWO days early, whon whon. i want to finish my next wednesday paper by the end of this week if i can swing it, and then go get a leg up on november when my calendar is littered with red notes about due dates and stuff.

i'm still feeling poochy which means it's going to be some healthy living for the next while...leading up to the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR (thanksgiving). woooooooo!!!! i LOVE thanksgiving!!! my only beef is that i wish canada would move it back a bit. it's way too early. it's not even that cold and crisp out yet.

tonight for dinner we're having a panko-crusted fried salmon filet on a bun with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce and sweet potato oven fries.


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