Monday, October 15, 2007

first dodgeball related injury!

talk about a mind-funk. this weekend was so weird! i felt like my mind was fuzzy all weekend. the only time i felt like i was kinda with it, was directly after my run and after dodgeball. otherwise, the dreary unremittingly grey sky and the cold conspired to prevent me from doing a lick of work. i basically spent all weekend swathed in flannel pjs, in my equally be-flanneled bed, trying to do "reading" which resulted in my immediate departure to the land of nod. all that sleeping and napping meant that my head felt filled with wet wool all weekend and i was extremely unproductive. although unproductive for me, still means that i made butter tarts, cleaned the house, rearranged the closets, made a cloudy turkey stock and froze it, and organized my file folders - i still would have liked to have applied myself to stuff that actually matters - like my schoolwork.

last night dr. rei took a tumble during dodgeball. it was crazy! she got beaned in the melon and it literally took her off her feet and she tumbled onto her arm and ankle. first dodgeball-related injury on the team! so my thoughts are going out to my best friend.

hot pot was a blast though. trooper that she is, dr. rei sacrified her personal health and comfort in the name of all-you-can-eat mayhem. we ate a LOT. hot pot is a really satisfying communal experience, but OF COURSE i forgot my camera so it won't be documented on here, alas. see! i told you! mind funk!

tonight for dinner i'm going to make a wild mushroom thyme pasta with a big, leafy salad with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and olives in a red wine vinaigrette.


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