Saturday, October 13, 2007

elizabeth I

wow, yesterday i sounded majorly b***hy. apologies! i think it was more of a general frustration with the art show in general, and then a mild bit of weirdness about the ex-gf being such an over-emoter. it's not like i genuinely wish her any ill-will or would be mean to her or anything...i mean, give me a few more times with her and i probably would tell her to her face that she could use 10 billion ccs of hot oil, cuz i'm honest like that, and this blog notwithstanding, i'm actually a very nice, tactful and gracious person, in person.

anyway, last night i ended up eating a quickie dinner of the last of the turkey and stuffing soused in gravy from thanksgiving. rip thanksgiving 2007, rip. i was in a hurry because i had to meet up with dr. rei and her roomie to see "elizabeth: the golden age" it was a little disappointing and i can understand why it's being panned by the critics. cate blanchett's performance is a little of the chewing-the-scenery variety. she overacts quite a bit and the delivery seems forced. clive owen is forced to be an overly swarthy and wild-eyed walter raleigh without very much to do. most of the movie is about political intrigue, with scenes that are sloppily executed (ie. some of them you don't know why you're being shown what you're being shown) and disjointed. then the last bit of the movie turns into this weird naval battle sequence with heavy handed, dramatic staging and lord-of-the-rings-y children's operatic choruses as beams of light shine auspiciously upon the virgin queen against an overly-theatrical stormy backdrop. it was a muddled mess, quite frankly. abbie cornish is an insipid actress, who manages to be full-of-cheeked and pursed-of-lip, signifying nothing. i didn't really believe the love story between raleigh and elizabeth, and furthermore, i thought it cheapened the story of a strong-willed, decisive woman. although, clive owen could make me do a multitude of things i wouldn't ordinarily consider. he is one cool glass of water.

i came home and then got a visit from the roomie's midwifery friend, whom we hadn't seen in a while, and that was fun times.

today i woke up and instead of doing a lick of homework, cleaned house like the dickens. i was VERY industrious, re-organizing closets, packing things away, and making my little label-maker churn out labels at a prodigious pace. i still feel like there's more work to be done, but i'm satisfied with what i've accomplished. le sigh. nothing makes me happier than reorganizing and cleaning.

this afternoon i'm meeting dr. rei for some rambles around downtown, searching for halloween costumes and stuff. then home, to meet the dotytron and another friend for fish'n'chips. we're trying this new place called deep blue fish'n'chips. apparently the deal with them aside from the standard halibut and chips card, is that there's 7 different batters to choose from. intriguing! there's a jerk batter and a tarragon batter, with all kinds of different chips (sweet potato, etc) and house-made tartar sauce. i do love me a proper chippy. and so close, too! then we're going to stroll our way back here and rent the harry potter movies (1 and 2) and watch them with popcorn and snacks. i think i'm going to try a hand at making butter tarts. i've made them before, but it's been a while...i've been craving them like mad lately. in depth review of deep blue tomorrow!


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