Thursday, October 18, 2007


tonight ima going dancin' dancin' dancin', featuring the sounds of these two prats on the right. truth be told, i'm not the biggest fan of justice's music, i think i prefer kavinsky's bass-heaviness. but, tonight is for fluffy, sonic calorically-empty fun, surrounded by the best and brightest and most outlandishly dressed hipsters toronto has to offer. it'll be nice just to have a chance to go buck for a change, alongside my bffff, dr. rei. i am NOT going to be outlandishly dressed. i'm either going to wear the thing i picked up at the old clothing show (aka my kelly taylor-post-steve-sanders dress), OR this ^^^ number that i'm desperately waiting to arrive chez l'ebay. i'm hoping this dress magically appears today (i've been waiting for a WHILE) because it's so slouchy and shiny and silver, whereas my faux-velvet and rhinestone number is fiendishly tight and starting to come apart at the seams (literally).

i saw some interviews with kavinsky on youtube. french people are NOT cool. kavinsky is an idiot, who's not even funny. french canadians however, are a different story, as i find dave 1 from chromeo both hot and tres amusant.

tonight for dinner i'm making beef stroganoff with mushrooms, atop egg noodles and sided with sauteed or roasted brussel sprouts. i do love brussel sprouts so.


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