Tuesday, October 30, 2007


or, the day upon which this awful oversize albatross of a midterm will be effectively banished from my poor back. huzzah!!! depending on exactly what sort of hard asses they're going to be, i'm feeling pretty good...i don't think i'll fail...i might even get a B or something, which would make me ecstatic. there's still nothing i loathe more than rote memorization. ESPECIALLY in a graduate program. please!

so in the interests of some last minute cramming i'm going to keep it brief today. suffice it to say that i'm going to treat myself with a nice night off tonight, consisting of some leisurely time carving my pumpkins for tomorrow, and a big, wintery, hearty delicious meal of meatloaf! canned gravy! mashed potatoes! and green beans!


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