Friday, October 19, 2007

circa nightclub

well, i heard that some idiots on craigslist were paying $50-100 a ticket for the sold out justice show last night, so the wheels in my mercenary little mind starting ticking away and i was thinking that if i could make an $80 profit on my ticket off of some goon, then by jove, I'M GOING TO DO IT! so we ate this amazing dinnie (pictured above) and then we ate some girl guide cookies (chocolate mint) and at that point, it was kind of hard peeling ourselves off the couch, but we got all dolled up (pictured at left), and soldiered out, with the express intent of making a tidy profit, and calling it a night. somehow though, when we got there, since we had already gotten done up (i was wearing eyeliner AND lip gloss!) and we were curious about circa, we kind of got funneled into the club before we even THOUGHT about scalping our tix. it was the most poorly executed scam, ever!

circa blew. wow. it's like that joke about toronto: "how many torontonians does it take to screw in a light bulb?" answer: "two. one to screw it in and one to tell them how they do it in new york" it's such a horrible, mish-mash! and people were eating it up! people were taking pictures of all the stuff and it was so gauche, it was cringe-inducing. circa looks like it was designed by 10 year olds, given the project of designing a "proper, urban club". one 10 year old was in tokyo, one in new york, one in l.a., one in miami, and one in london. the aesthetic seems shoddily put together and poorly executed, with a bunch of dead space and warren-like corridors that lead you to yet another slap-dash room. it looks like they ran out of money, with some of the finishing coming out kind of cheap.

honestly, you know that episode of the simpson where moe changes his bar to "m"? that's what it looks like. "it's po-mo, you know, different for the sake of being different" there's stuff like corridors with plate glass, behind which there lie s&m motorcycles being "worked on" by a live person who kind of looks like kat von d from l.a. ink. or stuff like 15ft tall silver spray-painted, bald, mannequins with gaping red mouths. one floor looks like it was designed by whomever is curating magic pony for the week, and one floor was filled with american-apparel-ish pictures of gross, hairy, people giving glassy-eyed stares at the camera.

there was also lots of stupid digi-cute stuff. like one of the bars had a touch sensitive thing that would project your imprint onto the facing wall in blocky-tetris like shapes. just stupid stuff like that that doesn't MEAN anything if the sound sucks. and let me assure you, the sound SUCKED.

If you're spending 1.5 million, HOW'S ABOUT PUTTING THAT MONEY INTO THE SOUND?!? how can we have a "world-class club" and you guys haven't figured surround sound? you shouldn't be sacrificing volume for clarity. it was clear, but i could also have a normal conversation.

and justice kinda blew. they played straight tracks that were already a zillion years old and didn't mix it up or play around or drop fresh stuff. they weren't cheeky OR fun. like, honestly dudes, your concert shouldn't sound like me hopping onto your myspace page at a moderately higher volume, it just shouldn't. i think under better conditions, with a dancefloor better designed for dancing, it would have been more fun, but the combination of a crappy space with crappy sound and a lukewarm performance was no good. but i'm not that hype on justice anyway, i was going for a lark with my bff more than anything.

there was also an EGREGIOUS lack of hot boys. it was tragic. and people buy crappy vintage clothes. or, crappy vintage-seeming knockoffs from urban outfitters. anyway, the point was, it was worthwhile to go to circa just to know what i'm hating on, so that i can hate with authority (very important).

i'm way more excited for fool's gold tour on monday at revival. at least a-trak is french canadian, and therefore, capable of being funny. dj mehdi is also hot and i have high hopes his ethnicity will add needed levity and flava. kid sister is all kinds of fierce, and at least she knows how to ENTERTAIN. i also much prefer kavinsky's stuff to justice's, the revival to circa, etc., etc.,

tonight for dinner we have loads of leftovers so i'm going to eat that. after my run. eep!


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dr.rei said...

"... or stuff like 15ft tall silver spray-painted, bald, mannequins with gaping red mouths"

LOLOLOL every time we looked at that monstrosity we'd laugh with disbelief.

wow, what a hilarious time though...hilarious!