Wednesday, October 31, 2007

canned gravy!

is the best! it's so salty fake-tasting, i love it. i decided to go with the "healthy" choice and used heinz "mushroom" gravy instead of the meat one, i don't really think there's much of a difference between the two. they're both medium-viscosity dark brown syrups tasting mostly of powdered onion and salt, but the mushroom one has some indeterminate dark brown pieces of canned mushroom (or what was once canned mushroom) floating attractively on the surface like sunken bits of sodden leather. mmm!

i'm extremely happy with one pumpkin but not so much with the other one. i blame my tools, with the full awareness that "a poor craftsman blames his tools" my lino-block carving tools were brittle and a lot of my tips snapped off, so i didn't have the variety that i usually have. the foucault one i made a tragic error in judgement and instead of carving the white bits, carved the outline bits, so it's like a negative-foucault who doesn't look very foucauldean. but my eugene delacroix one turned out amazing, and the carving lines almost look like brushstrokes. we took silly amounts of pictures and then sat in the dark by the light of the pumpkins. it also amuses me to no end to see both of my favorite aesthetic periods (from a cultural-theoretical standpoint) represented at one time. cheek-by-jowl. now i know what it must feel like to curate the moma or the whitney.

my government documents class is weaksauce. the dude teaching it is trying really hard to be the "cool" teacher and i'm like, buddy, it's okay, simmer down, you're GROWN now, you don't have to be my best friend. he's a bit of a dweeb who's always like, "okay, let's make this quick because i'm sure you're tired of hearing my voice and i NEED TO GO FOR A SMOKE" or "oh yeah everyone shows up for the last class because i take everyone out for beers" or he uses the "call me by my first name because when i hear 'mr' i feel like i'm my dad" schtick. he used to be a roadie or something. anyway, he's trying really hard and it comes off a little weird. i'm not the kind of person who goes in for that kind of thing at any rate.

in other news, my dodgeball team-mate overheard the other team last night say something like, "i guess THEY didn't go out last night" (apparently they were late because they had partied hard the night before). WOW. so lame! i really have no patience for team "it's cool to be hungover because it shows i'm an animal" or team "here are pictures of me doing shots and roofie-ing girls in cancun with my stupid pucca shell necklace" which is TOTALLY the team they're on. AND they docked us spirit points! alls i know is: THEY'RE DEAD. you do NOT want to f**k with me, and if there's one thing i love doing, it's CRUSHING privileged jock goons. my brother's team is playing them this weekend and being the loyal family member that he is, he's getting pumped to DESTROY them. i love my brother. we argue amongst ourselves, but when someone is messing with one of us, we kick into protection mode.

tonight the plan is to go to class but leave early so that i can be home to wander around the neighbourhood with dr. rei and the roomie and whomever else happens to be kicking around.

since i'm at school all day, i packed that irie pumpkin stew with coconut peas and rice for dinner.

happy halloween!


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