Wednesday, October 03, 2007

bi bim bap!

turned out amazing! the flank steak was seared on the outside, practically raw on the inside, which caused the boy a bit of grief, but in the end he ate it and LURVED it. the flank steak was surprisingly tender...i'm pretty sure this was my first time cooking flank steak.

not much to report, folks. i watched an episode of "top chef" last night. good god, i love that show. i absolutely love that show. although i'm pissed that they kicked off some of the best people on that show (tre, cj) and the people left in the final four aren't the best competitors (except for my current favorite, hung). it's the best reality show on tv right now (along with project runway - they're made by the same people).

i think i'm going to reduce my hours at the leg library. i haven't talked to my supervisor about it yet, but i'd like to cut back to 15-17 hours. right now it's a little crazy for me and with all the stuff going on in my life, it's a little hard for me to handle.

i also finished watched "manufactured landscapes", a canadian-made documentary about the photographer ed burtynsky, who does large scale pieces that depict environmental degradation and the impact of humanity on earth. his latest series, or the one upon which the majority of the documentary is focused, is on the by-products of industrialization, so there's a lot of chinese factory workers, and people in india stripping apart giant cargo ships for scrap metal. it's quite a neat book-end to bbc's "planet earth", both show the different levels of environmental impact, one by focusing on the natural world, the other on the highly industrialized world. it's depressing but visually stunning. although, i find that a problem with burtynsky's work. he aestheticizes the images to the point where they become almost get lost in the haunting beauty of the image as an image, divorcing it from it's real-world context. they become abstractions in a way. the music, which was kind of boards-of-canada-y, was a little heavy-handed, so i was kind of so-so about it. we had to watch it over time, because it got to be a little difficult to digest.

i'm trying to donate my old monitor to this company that refurbishes computers and donates them to the needy and schools and stuff. computers are like, horrible for the environment if they end up in landfills and whatnot. so, i found a place...but i have no idea how to get there. they're like at, dupont and ossington. that's FAR on the subway if you're lugging around a monitor. they'll come to pick it up, but it's a $50 fee. which is a little steep for one monitor, but i think they're used to dealing with companies that do big drop offs when they overhaul their entire system.

today is my long day, so i'm going to bring leftover bi bim bop for dinnie and eat it at school


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