Friday, October 26, 2007


nothing is more baffling to me than my COMPLETE AND UTTER inability to study for this stupid reader's advisory midterm. i honestly just want to fail it already so i can get on with my other, more pressing business (ie. my sociology of food presentation and my 10 gajillion other assignments). i chalk it down to a few things:
a) i find rote memorization of 104 terms to do with reader's advisory insulting as a graduate exercise
b) see above

honestly, if you can't think of another assignment, then just make the other three things WORTH MORE! how's THAT for a concept!

all this griping above is really just sour grapes on my part. pms-y, sour grapes. i ate a banquet burger at 10pm last night, after periodically nodding off from oh, 6pm onwards, but somehow i magically managed to muster up enough energy (suspiciously enough) to watch half of "harry potter and the goblet of fire". curiouser and curiouser.

today i have a short day of work at the leg, class and then home to prepare for a dinner party me and the dotytron are attending tomorrow, hosted by dr. rei. it's a halloween party with 50s themed food. it's based on a bunch of cookbooks the boy's nany gave us from the 50s which had absolutely hilarious offerings like "corned beef bunwiches" and various manipulations of gelatin and marshmallows masquerading as "salad" and various pre-packaged and processed interventions into food. anyway, i was leery of making something so weird that it wouldn't get eaten, so i'm bringing deviled eggs (always a winner!) and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. still period-correct, but edible too!

then tonight we're going to the creaking tree string quartet cd release party at hugh's room. they do very winsome, plaintive, beautiful bluegrass music. they're really well regarded and gets tonnes of love from the junos and the cbc. with good reason! listen to them!

it's going to be high school reunion which means i might wear eye makeup and straiten my hair. so vain!

tonight for dinnie i'm ACTUALLY cooking and making that chorizo, kale and chickpea soup with bread and maybe a salad.


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