Wednesday, October 17, 2007

all these loose ends are a gong show

i'm currently working on no less than 5 different school assignments and it's driving me bonkers. this week and next week i have nothing due for school, so i figured i'd get cracking and try to get ahead, as the month of november is looking pretty intense for me. having 5 different things on the go without being able to finish any one of them is totally annoying. the biggest pain in the ass right now is my statute tracing assignment for government documents, if only because the wording of the assignment is very strange. today i have work, and then my multiculti course where we have a guest lecturer (read: no need for karl lagerfeld to attend), then a big long break before my class at 6:30pm so i'm going to do a crapload of work at school, while i'm forced to be there.

long day today, filled with work, but i need to get a proper night's sleep tonight as tomorrow evening i'm getting primped to go dance to justice all night long, at this new club in toronto, circa. apparently, circa is going to "put toronto on the map" (their hype, not mine) and it'll be the arrival of "new york style clubbing" to toronto. i'm sorry, but i don't care about toronto being on the map. the problem with toronto is that we so desperately want to be on this phantom map that we wear it on our provincial and parochial sleeves, making us look like fawning adolescents standing on the sidelines of the cosmopolitan city cotillion. i think we should be happy with our pokey little selves. there's so much to love about this's a city that has the best of both can know this city intimately and yet there's enough here to keep you excited and engaged. furthermore, who decided that "new york style clubbing" is what we're supposed to be aspiring to? i don't really need to be dancing ironically next to chloe sevigny, only to have my glassy-eyed stare and open-air exposed boobs captured by some sleazy "photographer" for last night's party.

dinnie last night was tasty as all get out. with the help of the dotytron, we made green beans thoren (green beans stir-fried with spices, curry leaves, and a shredded coconut-spice mixture) and that tomato-cream shrimp curry. we ended up buying some naan from the pakistani place, makkah, up the street, to round out the starches. it was all so good, with lots of textures and full-bodied flavour in every bite. i'm taking some for dinner tonight at school.


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