Friday, September 14, 2007

yay yay yay!

today is the class i'm looking forward to the mostest. it's a sociology classed called: SOCIAL ECOLOGY - FOOD IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT *swoon* *lovebirds* *hearts and unicorns* it's like the class was MADE for me! yay! i hope it lives up to my expectations! the prof sent me an early copy of the syllabus and it looks right up my alley.

last night's dinnie was spectacular. so comforting and tasty. as you can see, i ended up going with cornbread with the now de rigeur butter and maple syrup as my side starch. and i just had it for breakkie too! you can't lose! tonight is take out night. magic oven (a gourmet pizza place with veggie/vegan leanings) just opened up practically across the street so we're going to try them out. the pizzas are on the pricey side so we'll see how it actually stacks up, tastewise.


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Chris said...

i dont think you will magic oven as much a mamma's