Sunday, September 30, 2007

what a weekend!

so friday night i did a huge chunk of my paper and then went for a walk with the dotytron and the roomie to peep some of the rich rich rich houses in riverdale. saturday morning i got up early, did another huge chunk of my paper and then went to the clothing show with dr. rei. it was aight. most of the vendors are shite but we both found vintage dresses for $20 from the same store i got my wedding dress from. actually, i'm no longer calling it a "wedding". i'm calling it a ___ performance (tbd) because when you say wedding, white people get all effed up about it and have all these expectations and go crazy. a performance means no expectations and i can do it how **i** want to do it (and by "i" i mean, "we"). anyway, i got this velvet stretchy piece with GIANT crystals on it that i'm going to wear backwards so that the low scoop back is at the front, paired with a black/silver bra or something. it's very 90210. the weight of the crystals alone makes the dress weigh like 10lbs. haha! dr. rei got this gold and black bat-wing number (i'm obsessed with batwings) that's very the last days of disco. it's fantastic. there were some nice clutches there, but i've realized that clutches are fundamentally impractical, and the ones they did have chain straps had the kind that were meant to be dangled-from-the-hand, instead of slung-over-the-shoulder (my preference). in other news, i know i've said this already, but i LOVE WIDE-LEGGED TROUSER STYLE PANTS (especially jeans). love!

then we came home and my niece came over and we had a hilarious time. we spent 2 hours at the park and then went to el sol and then met up with my sister, outlaw bro, and brothers at the ball my mom hosts every year. it was a gong show that resulted in random acts of senseless violence on the boys' part and drunken behaviour to the MAX (the annual tradition is that my outlaw bro gets s**tfaced at the ball, then he and my brother collect the dotytron and they go to the "loose moose" to generally behave like idiots).

then we had brunch this morning. and now i'm back at home, working on the last of my paper before we go to dodgeball. getting home was crazy annoying from the metro toronto convention centre because all the streets were closed off for the "run for the cure". cancer inconveniences us in so many ways. haha. maybe i should edit that.

that's the nicoise salad from friday night. tonight is dodgeball, then we're probably going to come home and order pizza or something cuz i'm feeling lazykins and still have to edit my paper.


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