Friday, September 28, 2007

*taps microphone*

rza? are you there, rza? it's me, margaret.

i forgot to mention that one of the funniest things that happened at the primo show was that for some reason, primo kept shouting out to rza and (i think) calling him to step up to the front and hop on stage. this happened at least three times. we were thoroughly befuddled. dr. rei was like, "rza is here?!?" maybe primo was confused, or maybe we misheard him, cuz it was kinda hard to make out what he was saying. in my mind, the even funnier scenario is rza ACTUALLY BEING THERE but standing at the back of the room, muttering to himself, "no way in HELL am i going up to the front" hahahaha! poor primo!

i'm plugging along on my paper. i'm about halfway through and i've only done 2 of my 12 (more like 18) annotations. i'm not really sure if it's what the prof wants, but it's what he's getting! it's supposed to be a very informal, general, non-academic essay for the general adult public. i find it a little difficult because i keep making unqualified, sweeping, grandiose statements that i'm putting forth as unbiased like, say "we have a dizzying array of food and food-related writing choices". this would only be true if you belonged to a certain class of people living in a specific place. but i can't keep qualifying every statement that i make so it all comes off sounding a little dodgerific.

i've downloaded all of sharon jones and the dap kings new album, "100 days, 100 nights". they've kind of moved away from the funk slammers to more of a slow burn-y tortured ballad style (in the same vein as james brown, etc). they also recorded it on analog. i effin' love the dap kings and sharon jones. the annoying thing is that all the media outlets keeping talking smash like, "you may know the dap kings from amy winehouse's chart-topping album" when in actuality, it's more like, "the reason you found amy winehouse in the least appealing is 90% due to the production value of marc ronson and the absolute murderation of the dap kings". seriously, amy would be NOTHING without the dap kings/marc ronson sound.

tonight i'm staying in to work on my paper some more cuz tomorrow is a big, long, day, so i gots to keep it together.

for dinner tonight i'm making a nicoise salad (blanched beans, potatoes, roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes) with a poached egg, dressed with bagna cauda and maybe a touch of mustard-dill vinaigrette.


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