Monday, September 17, 2007


we crushed the other team in last night's premiere dodgeball game, 14-5. in their defense, they were a really nice, easygoing and fun team to play, and it was a lot of the members' first time playing. so they're where we were, last time around. it was fun to run around and i'm not as sore as i was last time, which is good. i feel like i'm more in shape or something. last time we started in the spring, which comes after 3 solids months of me taking ttc to school and work, so i think it's working better. next week we're playing my brother's team, which should be fun.

today is my really long day at the library. i'm there from 8:30 - 5:30 with a half hour lunch. it's rough!

that's an unappetizing picture of what was a surprisingly appetizing dinner considering i pulled it out of my ass. last night's dinner conversation was fairly off-colour, featuring appearances by internet celebrities "tubgirl" and "goatse". anyone not familiar with these terms, i beg you, DO NOT GOOGLE THEM. suffice it to say it's disgusting (but LEGAL AND CONSENTING disgusting) - that disclaimer is for the prurient tastes of my lawmaker sister. the roomie has never seen goatse, so was intrigued by the concept (a guy pulling his a**hole inside out). i told her she didn't want to see it (and was quite emphatic about it). she said she did. i told her it looked like a meat flower, or a meat tulip, specifically, at which point we both almost died laughing. if i ever open a restaurant, i think i'm going to call it "the meat tulip". class-ay.

tonight for dinner we're having fried calamari sandwiches with tartar sauce and a salad.


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