Thursday, September 20, 2007

the scar

just as my amateur epidemiology sleuthing on wikipedia indicated, the thing that has taken up residence on my foot is an abnormally large, abnormally thick, keloid scar (i suspect that being forced back to work was part of the problem). so the plastic surgeon recommended steroid injections (with the warning that, "they really hurt") as the first round of treatment in addition to some therapeutic massage to break down the scar tissue, and if that doesn't work, they can try cutting the scar off, and taking some skin from my butt and grafting it on (that apparently REALLY hurts, especially from the butt-al region, as you've basically got a patch with exposed nerve-endings...another open wound). so he prepared the steroid injection while i was right there, and the needle was thick. it was like a sewing needle or like a sewing machine needle, not one of those dainty, brittle-like-a-victorian-era-housewife vaccination needles, no sir. just before it goes in, he gives me a dramatic, "are you ready?" and i'm like, "what? no! you're freaking me out!" but he stabbed it in anyway. i'm happy to announce that my keloid is so thick that it is devoid of feeling (much like its' owner). i didn't feel a single smart, pinch, fluid entering the tissue, nothing.

now i have to try to arrange physio. i gotta see if workman's comp will either a) cover my time away from work to go to these sessions, or b) pay for a private clinic closer to my house which has hours that are more amenable to my work schedule. we'll see. my adjudicator is really nice. i'm also thinking of maybe suing canoe. i know i'm not a litigious person, but it's starting to rankle that i gotta go through all this bullcrap and they get to sit around all fat and smug and fat-babyish and give me a hard time about coming back to work and then give me a hard time about leaving even when i gave them two weeks notice and stayed for the hell that is summerlicious. the jerks!

my government documents course looks fun. it's got that kind of laid-back, chummy, practical-based professor teaching it that i dig. not big on the readings, big on hands-on assignments that don't seem too labour intensive. this semester looks like it's going to be my easy one. yay! also it looks like working where i do is really going to help with the assignments. the stuff is like, digging up statute citations and blah blah blah.

the work seems pretty spaced out too, and there's not a lot of running around gathering up readings, which is very nice. i met up with my friend richardson yesterday which was delight. she's preggos. being preggos has subjected her to a heretofore hidden side of her partner's mum (the shrill, controlling, censorious, patronizing side) that seems to come out in mums when faced with particular hot-button, big-ticket issues like weddings and babies and home-buying. for what it's worth, one of the amazing things about my mum is that she doesn't really butt in at all. she tends to reserve jugement, offer off-the-cuff suggestions, and laugh at my choices (with sarcastic, disparaging, oh-so-chinese flavour). i've talked over some of my wedding ideas with her, and she's pretty game, as long as she doesn't have to pay for it.

today is a public library then leg library day. then home. yesterday's dinner was delicious! i put some toasted pistachios and toasted coconut in the coconut steamed basmati rice and it was really texturally satisfying and tasty. my bastardized eggplant bharta really benefited from sitting in the slow cooker all day, and the one habenero pepper i put in added just the right amount of head.

i'm making a roasted beet and beet green pasta with ricotta salata. i peel and cut up the beets and roast them in the oven with some roasted garlic oil and salt and pepper. while those are cooking through, i smush up the roasted garlic and toss that in a pan with some chopped onion, and add the chopped and washed (beet greens get really gritty) beet greens. while the pasta is cooking, i reserve some of the pasta cooking water, and then toss the pasta with the roasted beets, the beet greens and some crumbled ricotta salata cheese. i'm hoping to serve this with a baby spinach salad with a red wine vinaigrette.

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