Tuesday, September 11, 2007

quiet reflection

in marked contrast to my first week of cottaging, the following week at the boy's family's cottage was a time of quiet introspection, reflection, and lots of lots of naps and eating and reading. it was refreshing and nice to have the opportunity to do both kinds of cottaging. this past week of idleness has left me feeling recharged and much more zen about stuff. that's the view from the hammock. the cottage is accessed by boat only, so it's quite removed. it's on the finger jutting off of a very large lake and their part of the lake is a dead end, so there's not a lot of boat traffic and only a scattering of properties. we went on long canoe rides and i portaged for the first time ever! (incidental note for factual consideration: the portage was about 4 feet) the next few shots are pics from our early morning canoe adventures, featuring my first experience with a real beaver dam. beaver dams are palatial residences that seem to occur near swamps with fetid smells. i'm just saying, is all.

most of my time was occupied with swimming, fishing (i caught a crapload of fish but they were too small to eat/keep), and playing games at night. we found this game called "up words" (we called it "word up") which is kinda like scrabble except you can build up your words vertically as well as horizontally, and the value is consistent for every letter. i was hooked!!! there was also a game called "rummy" (with tiles, not cards) that i suspect is very similar to mah jong, which means that i've received the preliminary training to continue my grandfather's lineage of gambling supremacy round the mah jong table. aces!

today is my first real day back into real worldsville. le sigh. my class today is called: "reader's advisory: reference work and resources", but i call it: "bird course: karl's fulfillment of credit requirements with a minimum of effort and labour expenditure" it's with that prof who has the stutter who's kind of ocd. he sent out this wacky email over the weekend thanking all the students who had already downloaded the syllabus so i'm like, "wtf guy? where the crap am i supposed to download the syllabus from?" and i emailed him something to that effect with no response. i'm telling you, universities are saving a crapload on paper costs by getting US to shell out for ink cartridges and paper and whatnot. and yet, tuition continues to rise?

also, one of my resolutions upon returning to the cottage was to limit my time doing purposeless interneting/tving. to that end, i'm trying to break my addiction to online celebrity gossip. however, i couldn't help but watch britney's performance at the vma's. wow. tragic. you can see the dawning awareness of her own irrelevance in her eyes. it's like the bard himself couldn't have crafted a more poignant scene of crushing self-realization.

tonight for dinnie we're having pasta with leftover sauce but i'm going to switch it up and bake it in the oven with ricotta and mozzarella and have it with caesar salad again. the roomie made a solid meat sauce! she gone done good.


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