Sunday, September 23, 2007

i'm a fair skank

ummmm...agricultural fairs effin ROCK. i don't know what my suburban and urban addled brain was expecting, but the ancaster fair exceeded my expectations by about ten billion and then some. so many animals! we saw cows, and chickens (like, more kinds of chickens then you would think existed), and rabbits, and llamas, and pigs and sheep. strange kkk sheep that were very creepily sheathed in some kind of cultish outfit of racial domination.

there was also a very strange christian element at the ancaster fair. and not the benevolent, benign, "love thy neighbour" kind of christianity. the "beat your neighbour into submission with the word of the almighty lord" kind of christianity.
me and dr. rei did an initial sweep of the fairgrounds and passed an anti-abortion stand complete with little fetuses and that picture of a baby's arm reaching out of a hole cut in a uterus. you know, THAT picture. then there was another stand with a "test your bible knowledge!" quiz. being a trivia junkie, i was willing to give it a gander. it was one of those things with questions painted on a board and when you selected an answer the board would light up with right or wrong. but the questions were a little (like, a lot) dodgy. stuff like, "now that homosexual marriage is legal in canada, it is no longer a sin" (answer: FALSE); "it is possible to be a good christian and not go to church every week" (answer: FALSE). so me and dr. rei were talking amongst ourselves when we were BESET UPON by some dude with a maniacal gleam in his eyes (i kid you not). when i told him i have a masters in theology, he got even crazier. so he tried to test me with one of the questions on the board. i answered the blatantly non-christian answer, and he was waiting for the board to light up "wrong!" but the board wasn't working and none of the lights were working. he was frantically fiddling with the board to make the lights work, and i said, "see. GOD did this for me." that didn't make things better. he got really mad. shortly thereafter we had to extricate ourselves from him because he was creeping us out.

later in the night we returned to the fair with a cohort in tow. i've discovered my dream job, folks. i want to be a demolition derby ref. i can't even imagine the years of training required to execute that job.

dr. rei's mom cooked us a feast! there was an AMAZING salmon dish cooked with herbs that was light and fresh tasting. a rice and meat dish, rice and saffron cooked with a layer of pita on the bottom that becomes a crunchy and delicious skin of awesomeness (that was one of my favorites). the other dish was a mixture of herbs and kidney beans cooked with sour persian dried lemons that was so fragrant and citrusy in a way that i had never experienced before. that was probably my other favorite dish. everything was fantastic and her parents were so welcoming and the dinner conversation flowed really well and covered a wide range of topics.

playing my brother's team in dodgeball was hectic. his team was very competitive, but i'm proud to say, i think they were expecting to mop the floor with us, and we played amazing. we lost by 3 games and i totally don't think they were expecting that. i was really proud of our team. but my brother certainly doesn't make it "fun". he had some super-aggressive alpha males and females that were buckshot, so it got more heated than i had anticipated. i've actually gotten more chill as a captain now that my brother isn't on my case about how i have to "step up" and "pay attention" (the last was replete with tapping me on the temple).

finally, the weekend ended off with THIS madness. holy crap. me, the dotytron and dr. rei haven't been to a LIVE show in a long time. we walked into the basement of revival which featured some nameless dude playing b-sides, but when we walked upstairs into the main room, it was off the mother-effin' CHAINS. seriously, wall-to-wall people with minimum skeeze. the vibe was off the hook. primo is the consummate entertainer. he's so talented, so skilled at getting the crowd worked up,
and a wicked dj to boot. doesn't play the tunes out to long, knows how to balance giving people what they want with some proper history...both times i've seen him have been phenomenal.

today was madness and stressful with lots of running around. i got back in time for dinner and i made stuffed eggplant. following my supervisor toni's suggestions, i steamed eggplant halves, scraped out the flesh, mixed it with ground beef and veal and seasonings and stuffed it back into the eggplant shells and baked them in the oven with tomato sauce. served with a side salad.


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