Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"i have this thing..."

so on monday night, one of the boy's co-workers (he works at a music store) came over for a quick visit and chat. this dude is like, 30 plus, and he comes over, with a basketful of sour grapes, about one of their coworkers, who i guess had seniority, but is now second-in-command in the store. so he's complaining about how he got called into the office, and this is what dude man says: "okay, so i have this thing, where sometimes, i sleep through my alarm, and i show up to work like a few hours late. i mean, it's not like it's a big deal, it only happens every few months and ___ is going to bust my chops about it?!?" so i kept expecting him to explain what this mysterious ailment was, but he didn't. i was VERY proud of myself for being able to bite my tongue and not call him out for being the lazy, irresponsible schlub he clearly is. dude, if you're flaking out on work, at least have the balls to admit it. "i have this thing where i sleep through my alarm?!?" who DOES that?

i'm all for people doing what they want to do, but i'm telling you, staying at that music store is bad news for the dotytron. it's a bunch of dudes with arrested development (not the boy, and i guess not everyone is like that)'s like a head-in-the-clouds "musicians" holding pen. yikes, is alls i gotta says, yikes. i mean, i'm sure it's fun day to day, but they sound like a bunch of preschoolers sometimes.

first day of class was good, except for my professor breaking my heart. it's that same uptight professor as my last term. who lectures for the FULL THREE HOURS and EVEN A LITTLE BIT OVER but is so well-meaning and well-intentioned that my heart shatters to pieces. especially when he does stuff like during break, go sit on a metal chair in the corner of the room and engage in some kind of quiet reflection. how heartbreaking is that? not even shuffling papers, or going to the bathroom, or going to his office! he just sits down and stares at his hands !!!!!! gah! i'm going to talk to him next class. something tells me i'll be talking to him A LOT since i have a 4000 word essay due in less than 3 weeks, PLUS a 12 book annotated reading list. we're off to the races, people!

i have another class today, "public library service to culturally diverse communities"

i'm soo busy! it's's already non-stop. when i get home, it's a race to make dinner, eat it, and then get to doing odds and ends before i can even THINK of doing my actual schoolwork. yeeps.

tonight for dinner we're having perogies with caramelized onions, sour cream, and some kind of salad. i keep forgetting to take pictures of my dinnies but i'll start up again, post-haste.


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dr. rei said...

the quiet reflection bit is killing me.... :*(