Sunday, September 16, 2007

i have a new monitor!

i've been neglecting to mention that "chinotto is my nemesis" is being constructed on my brand-new, 17", flat-screen, lcd, acer monitor. i feel so grown-up! the boy's lovely mum bought me a photodock and printer for our kodak digital camera for my birthday, but unfortunately it was for the wrong model, so the boy returned it for me and got me the monitor instead (i'm also in the process of having my dear friend aaron upgrade my computer). fancy pants! there was even some money left over for the boy to buy me a copy of joss whedon's "firefly" on dvd. thanks, momma d!

i'm going through a phase of anxiety and feeling like i need to perform a house-enema. i basically want to print up a bunch of my cache of digital photos from the past 3 years and put them in albums and frame them, and clear through some of the detritus in the house and reorganize, box and label things appropriately. this seems to happen whenever i'm in school, probably as the outcome of sublimated procrastination urges catalyzed by my incessant need to always be doing something/organizing something/producing something. anyway, the house enema is going to involve lots of rubbermaid storage bins and liberal use of my brother p touch label-maker that my little brother got me for my birthday last year. my little(st) brother is the best gift buyer because he ALWAYS sticks to the list.

thanks to my lovely coworker, i was introduced to this company, blurb, that has software that allows you to create your own books and will then "bookstore-quality" produce them for you. i suppose it's the same as a lot of the options made available by kodak and other photo companies, but the layout options and finishing on blurb are a lot nicer, and the pricing is a lot more affordable. so i think i'm going to indulge the inner-scrapbooker lurking just beneath the surface of my urban flaneur and make photobooks of our trips and of the past couple years, instead of going to the trouble of producing photo albums.

fish tacos were amazing and were deceptively light, thus enabling me to cross the hairline that separates "reasonable portion" from "gross overeating." the banana cake was delicious and simple, really just a moist banana bread/cake covered in cream cheese frosting. my love for cream cheese frosting is not to be underestimated. i would do many a thing and cross many an ethical and moral boundary for cream cheese frosting. thank goodness it hasn't come to that. yet. i also made a banana bread for my co-workers at the library. this morning we had an early sunday breakkie of peameal, cheddar, tomato and a fried egg on a soft kaiser, with beet-carrot-apple-cucumber-ginger juice.

dinner tonight is going to be pan-seared pork chops with cornbread stuffing and some kind of vegetable (maybe beans?). nice and simple. we're also playing our first dodgeball game of the new season this afternoon. weeeeeeeeeeeee! i'm fantastically out of shape. weeeeeeeeeeeee!


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