Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i DON'T have michael jackson disease!

sweet! *pumps fist* i finally got in to see my dermatologist yesterday. she's really nice and surprisingly hot (although not that surprising considering that they do botox and lip injections and stuff at the clinic). she kinda looks like ellen pompeo, that chick from grey's anatomy, except 20 pounds heavier (ie. a healthy weight). anyway, the stuff i thought was ringworm was actually just a face-form of my dermatitis (eczema), which is environmentally related. the light spots are just my new skin that hasn't darkened up to match my old skin and will go away with time (i don't even notice them, to be honest with you). she gave me some steroid cream and told me that i couldn't wash dishes anymore, and that when i cook, i have to coat my hands in this preventive cream, prevex, beforehand and when i'm working with lemons or eggplant or tomatoes (stuff i know makes my hands worse) to wear vinyl gloves. i'm also banned from liquid soap. i asked about the organic stuff and she said that organic beauty and body products are a sham (which i kinda suspected). she says that most liquid soaps contain sodium-lauryl-sulphate (not sure if i'm spelling that correctly) which is really hard on your hands. so she has me on dove's sensitive skin bar soap and cetaphil. sometimes in the winter i get really deep cracks in my hands from dryness that are really hurty and bleedy, and i told her about them, and she told me to put crazy glue on the cracks. cool, eh? she said it's the same stuff that doctor's use when they don't give you stitches, or the same stuff in liquid band-aid except crazy glue is twice as strong and half as expensive and it keeps bacteria out while your skin can heal underneath. i really dug her.

i've slowly started working on my paper but i'm not progressing as fast as i'd like. i want to have it done by dodgeball time on sunday. we'll see. i've got only about 500 words down, but that's mainly my intro. the body only has to be about 3000 words, with my annotated book list embedded in it. it's kind of hard to write because it's VERY general and i really prefer to deal in specificities. it's also not supposed to be academic. ah is what it will be.

before i left for the cottage, i finished reading "fat land: how americans became the fattest people in the world" by greg critser. it's one of those readable non-fiction books i'm so into lately. it was semi-enjoyable, except it was working well-trodden ground. the usual suspects were fingered (high fructose corn syrup in everything, the cheap availability of processed foods, the lack of funding in the school system preventing them from turning down soft-drink manufacturers, the targeting of the lower-classes by fast-food franchises). i do have to say that portion sizes and food quality in the states is much worse than here, although "here" is relative since i'm lucky enough to live in a highly urbanized setting. your options in barrie, by comparison, aren't too hot either. the lack of vegetables when you eat out is appalling though. i mean, **i** love it because i eat relatively healthily the rest of the time, so this is my vacation-break from that. however, for some people, that's their DIET. which is gross. and no wonder you're apathetic and lethargic.

last night's dinnie was a big payoff, for a quickie meal. i seared the halibut and then finished it in the oven and served it with tartar sauce. i pan-fried some yellow squash, and made whole-wheat couscous with some chopped tomato, red onion, parsley, and a lemon vinaigrette. it was quick and easy and came together in under 20 minutes.

today is my super-long day so i packed leftover stuffed eggplant for my dinner, along with a spinach salad and some fruits for snacking on.


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schmee said...

can't do dishes?! where do i get me some of this condition? is it contagious? if we shake hands for a really long time will i get it?