Thursday, September 13, 2007

going to bed with a stitch from laughing

is a very, very good thing.

so, there's been some talk in my family that i'm not really living up to my full potential or capabilities, considering my abilities, talents, whathaveyou. they think that me doing library school is a bit of a cop-out. i'm not gonna lie, it kinda is. basically, my ambition in terms of career is to have a fairly cushy job that's not too taxing with three week's paid vacation (that's to start, mind you) and sick days and personal leave days and a hefty pension. this is what i decided after giving my life to cooking for 4 years and seeing nothing come of it - and i'm not going to piss around the bush here, i was GOOD at what i did. and after pursuing grad school for a while and becoming disillusioned (yes, there was a time when the golden light of idealism shone through the swiftly thickening crust of hard-boiled cynicism encasing my soul). the thing is, i'm STILL good at what i'm doing now (librarianing, researching, etc), but this way allows me to pursue my REAL life's ambition, which is to have a rich fulfilling life (and the wherewithal to do so) surrounded by people i love. so i think when my family looks at my career choice and are lamenting the fact that it doesn't require as much of my exceptional genius as something else, i think they gloss over the fact of how fantastically happy i am. like, disgustingly happy. like, so happy that the superstitious chinese in me types these words ever-so-cautiously for fear of tempting the capricious and malevolent hand of fate. *kow-tows to confucious and lao tsu and mulan*

anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that i went to bed roaring with laughter over two things. a) the other night, i started calling the dotytron "lady di" and for some reason i still find this side-splittingly funny. i think it's a new nickname in the making. b) we were sleepily talking over our halloween costume ideas for this year. i want to go as simon and garfunkel. the only problem is, i'm concerned that with the sweaters and whatnot, it's going to be too hot to go dancing. then we started saying how much funnier it would be to show up to a jungle party as shimon (from ram records) and garfunkel. hahahaha!!! especially if that meant that i had to go in blackface (it turns out shimon is a white guy, ah zoot...i can still do whiteface i guess). i almost peed my pants. the reference only has meaning if you're a drum'n'bass fan, but believe me, it's funny. we're all about our obscure halloween costumes. the first year we did a pair thing, we went as matthew and gunnar nelson.

while at the cottage, i coasted to the finish of the Harry Potter phenomena-zeitgeist-wave. j.k. rowling is the shiz. after all the ink and type that have been exhausted on this, i feel i have very little of worth to contribute, only that she has managed to craft a deeply moving, sophisticated, and engrossing series, and that as a cultural movement, the idea of so many people for so long a time in so many different places coming together over a story (that's not about racial purity or ethnic cleansing or arms trading...actually, i guess the story kinda IS about those things, but in the good way, not the bad way) gives me goosebumps.

i cried buckets during the climax of the narrative, because this is the culmination of a long relationship with these characters and this world and it was ultimately soooo rewarding. i highly endorse you to read the series, put aside your misgivings about its' popularity, ubiquitousness, whatever your qualms are. it's a piece of well-crafted fiction in the grandest, epic sense, and it's well worth your time.

yesterday my multiculti class is what's to be expected from a class that tries to tackle multiculturalism in any form, public library oriented or not. we had a class discussion about a very poorly written article written by some dude about whether germany could stand to adopt canada's stance on multiculturalism. talking about such broad terms in such a broad way does my head in. the failure to define the specificity or frame the argument in any way results in grade 10 debating class style "big topic" wrangling that stresses me out. it's like trying to encapsulate the enormity of the universe or conceptualize what existed pre-big-bang. it does my head in. i actually heard a classmate say something like, "so, in canada we have the cultural mosaic, as opposed to the states, which is a melting pot" !!!!!!!!!!! wow.

i saved the best part for last. yesterday, after class, i went to my department's library (called the "inforum" *rollseyesdotbarfdotgif*) to get some books and photocopy my readings for next week. didn't have any money on my card, so i tried to borrow someone else's, they had no money, i decided to suck it up and go to robarts. add money to my card and robarts and photocopy my readings and then head back into my faculty building and take the elevator (in itself a weird occurence cuz i almost always walk the stairs) to the inforum to drop off my books and leave. as the elevator doors open, what entrancing visage do i see before me? DR. REI!!! the expression on our faces was hi-larious. our mouths gaped open and glee washed over our perpetually youthful good looks. best day ever! i love seeing familiar, good friend faces on campus. it reminds me there is a life outside of the wackness of FIS. it was such a fluke too!

last night i made that cumin-mint dressed red pepper, celery and cucumber salad to go with the perogies. i wanted something crunchy and fresh beside all the starchiness. we tried a new perogie brand. they were alright. we also thought outside the box in terms and deviated from our usual flavour (potato cheddar) to try their sauerkraut and mushroom and broccoli cheddar kind. i dunno if it's worth it. the reason i eat perogies is as an excuse for loads of full-fat sour cream and caramelized onion mixed with something vaguely starchy. i don't need all the bells and whistles, methinks. tonight for dinner we're having a creamy stewed chicken one-pot dealie with peas and baby carrots. the return of hectic-ness means the return of the slow cooker to the repertoire. yay fall! fall food pwns! so i browned some chicken, added leek, celery and garlic mirepoix to the pan, tossed in some flour, cooked that out, deglazed with wine, and chucked it all with the baby carrots and chicken stock into the slowcooker. when i get home, i'm going to fish out the bones, so it's just shredded chicken meat, add some frozen peas and some cream and bake some biscuits to go with. mmmm!



dr.rei said...

LOL at lady di!!! ahahahah

and also running into you was such an enormous highlight!! our expressions were also accompanied by two, simultaneous and very loud gasps.

Chris said...

what do lawyers know anyways....?
my career change was for similar reasons.