Thursday, September 27, 2007

feelin' poochy

ugh. i ate like, 3 pieces of domino's pizza last night right before passing out, and this is after "snacking" on two different over-priced and mega-crappy desserts from magic oven. i don't give magic oven on the danforth long to survive. they don't do slices. they're a strictly take-out or eat-in pizza parlour. they don't even do delivery. in this day and age, with the way most people conceptualize pizza, trying to carve out a niche as an eat-in pizza place seems really perilous to me. also considering the fact they didn't dump in THAT much money to transform the formerly-afghani kebab house into a warm or welcoming space. it looks kind of barren and seedy in there, like a cheap boutique hotel lobby. so instead of slices, they do $5 "personal" pizzas, which end up being half of a 8" round. that's right. half. so cheap! it looks so lame when you get a semi-circle of pizza. the roomie ordered it and was very disappointed. so me and the boy got dominos. i don't think i can go back to bready-crust pizza after switching my allegiances to mama's and now, magic oven takeout. it's so bready! and the tomato sauce is really acidic and fruity tasting, which i don't like at all.

anyway, the end result is i feel all gross and poochy, but that's probably because i'm pmsing.

i'm trying to catch up on my book reviews, so forgive me if you don't care about what i've read. you're really in the wrong place if you don't care about the ephemera and minutiae of my life. i read china mieville's "king rat" while i was at the cottage (so long ago! *tear*) . china mieville is one of my favorite fantasy-esque/speculative fiction authors. his "perdido street station" is one of my favorite novels of the last decade, and that book introduced me to his densely imaginative, vivid and engrossing prose style. i was expecting more of the same, but this, his first novel, totally disappointed. it was much more pedestrian in its re-working of the pied piper of hamelin story, featuring quasi-mythological elements intruding into the real world - i guess the closest analagous author i can come up with is neil gaiman. now, i really dislike neil gaiman's work. as a novelist, as a children's book author...basically anything he touches i find really sub-par. this was in the same vein and so was really disappointing for me.

the other bad thing is that china mieville was (is?) really into jungle, so there's this whole drum'n'bass subplot that's kind of embarrassing. it's cute because he's obviously enthusiastic about the music and is trying to transmit the ins and outs of this subculture to a larger audience, but it ends up being really trite and de-mystifying in its earnestness. it's like watching that stupid movie "human traffic". or the rave episode of 90210. lame, right? let's just say mieville gives one of his characters the dj name "rudegirl k". *cringe* the good thing is, china mieville really steps it up in subsequent books and his later stuff is definitely worth reading. his imagination and the ability to make the richness of his urban settings come to life is fantastic.

tonight for dinner i'm making a pasta with sauteed spinach, garlic, onions, crushed pecans, and gorgonzola, with a salad. i toasted some pecans and have those set aside. then i'm going to caramelize an onion, add some garlic, saute my spinach and set that aside. toss the pasta, some of the pasta cooking water, with the spinach, pecans, and crumbled gorgonzola cheese and that's it.



schmee said...

hasn't magic pizza been on the danforth for ages? i remember getting a pizza from them at least 6 years ago. i imagine they'll survive if they've been able to stay in the game this long.

schmee said...

also, you should totally go after china mieville for copping your nickname rudegirl.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

they opened a NEW location that's right around the corner from where we live. old magic oven is at danforth and broadview.

old magic oven also serves slices, i think. dun dun duuuuuuuuun.

Miss Emma-Lee said...

old magic over does serve slices

they deliver too, but charge you like $3 for it. It's soooooo lame.

Plus getting a whole wheat crust is an extra $4

everything is extra there. I understand fresh ingredients and whatever but they need to find some way to lower their costs.

p.s. I've gone raw again hahaha. Went to the raw restaurant in Toronto and had "lasagne" which was actually amazing, I gotta figure out how to make it. It was extremly thinly sliced zucchini as the noodles and had I think a cashew butter and pesto sauce with some red peppers and black olives on top. You guys should try it out sometime. It would be a good food adventure. Their prices are a bit much as well, but since they cater to such a small market they can get away with it (or so it seems).

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

hey em,

we just pick up from the new magic oven cuz it's so close. the $4 for the whole wheat crust is a rip so we just get white (i'm sorry, but 2 cups of whole wheat flour or whatever costs about 10 cents).

i can't believe you went raw again! what about thanksgiving? my friend works at should get a job there!