Wednesday, September 19, 2007

collagen injections and a tummy tuck

i'm going to see my plastic surgeon this morning. i love saying that because it makes me feel so l.a. the real truth of it is much less glamorous, as i'm seeing him to see if anything can be done about my little friend on my foot. i just don't want whatever procedure is recommended, to hurt, although i don't have much sensation in the scar anyway so i guess it wouldn't matter?

one of the things i absolutely adore about working at the leg library is that one of my coworkers is really really into film. he's very knowledgeable about the entire canon and has a wide range of tastes (ie. in conversation he'll drop the name of a croatian cinematographer or a french actress), but it's not in a snobby way, just a really well-versed and enthusiastic way. i managed to finagle his "best of '06" list from him and it's very in-depth, but i like that he doesn't shy away from commercial films. if anything, he's very, very objective (insofar as one can be objective) in that he'll watch anything, with no preconceptions. there's always lots to talk about with him and it's nice to have someone's armchair-professional take on stuff.

i submitted one of my "reading responses" for my sociology of food course. they're supposed to be informal, but the syllabus has silly guidelines like, "in one page, your reading response should include 2 'keepers', 2 'questions' and 1 'so-what'". i hate it when profs try to overly-determine what's laid out as an "informal" exercise. i'll say what i have to say! this is grad school for pete's sake! mine ended up being kinda breezy but they're pass fail and she takes the best 8 out of 12, if you submit all 12. the readings this week weren't very inspiring. they were from the "socialist register" and attempt to illustrate the economic impetus for the current state of globalized food and its attendant societal ills (obesity, the subjugation of the developing world, etc). i appreciated a lot of the points, but i thought that the argument was too situated in a marxist base/superstructure binary, which left little room for the subject's intervention. it was a tidy little system all wrapped up in a bow, which is great, but the problem with the base/superstructure thing is that the end result is: we're screwed and there's nothing you can do about it, whereas, in my infinite wisdom as i age, i don't believe you have to throw the baby out with the bath water, and that there might be ways to negotiate within capitalism. i don't know what those ways are, but i find it a little more hopeful overall.

last night's dinner was a total winner. the zucchini was tender and al dente as was the pasta, and those oven-roasted, oil-packed chilis my supervisor gave me (the "toni chilies" as we've taken to calling them) make everything good. i'm realizing that my camera is starting to be woefully inadequate compared to other people's digital cameras. but i'm poor, so that's okay. it just gets my goat when i see like, 8.0 megapixel glamour shots of food that i know doesn't taste as good as mine. it's like false advertising! the paris hilton of food-blogging! sour grapes on my part, i know! i love my little camera though, so loyal to it i shall be.

tonight is my mega-long day so i'm packing an eggplant and chickpea coconut milk curry with coconut-pistachio basmati rice for my dinner at school. i made the curry in the slow cooker and it turned out alright if i do say so myself. a bit of a bastardized eggplant bharta.



Evan Saskin said...

first off - yo!
hope to see you around campus soon.
secondly - the food photography is way less about megaixels and more about lighting, angle, and background. is shot entirely on a cell phone camera.

you can do it!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

yay! you're back!

we're going to see premier on sunday and sharon jones in november but that's not soon enough. we're broke as eff right now but we should get together for dinner soon (early october?) monday through wednesday is good for us.

i'll send you an email.