Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ce n'est pas acceptable

so one of my co-workers threw out the dish sponge yesterday at the leg library, making claims of disease ridden, bacteria-laden, death bombs swabbing our dishes and leaving us with any number of wasting, flesh-eating viruseses (virii???). this would have been fine if we had a replacement but we didn't. her suggestion? using wadded up paper towels to wash our dishes. i can't deal. i almost imploded. i am someone who has VERY fixed notions of the proper way to wash dishes, and those notions have "sponge" as their unifying centre. not j-cloths, not wadded up paper towels...sponges. it almost broke me using the paper towels. the strange thing is, when it actually comes to the washing of dishes, i'm pretty lax (ie. the person most likely in this house to leave crusted food on utensils is yours truly). as long as they come in contact with soap and hot hot water, i'm okay. this coworker is a clean freak. she washes her sheets EVERY WEEK. now, maybe i'm revealing too much here, but i do it considerably less than that. mainly because stripping and remaking the bed always seems like such a herculean task that you build it up in your head until it becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle between you and sleeping bliss. seriously, the joy of the fresh sheet feeling only lasts for one sleep, and then you're back at square one.

while at the cottage, i read miriam toews "a complicated kindness" about this semi-precocious, blase, mennonite girl living in a remote mennonite community in manitoba, struggling to come to grips with her life after her mother and sister up and leave town one day. it wasn't without it's small humours and moments, but overall, i don't know if it's my kind of thing. i don't really dig that kind of disaffected-but-naive voice (ie. catcher in the rye bored me to tears). and fiction (aside from harry potter) hasn't been doing it for me lately. some of the descriptions were kind of clever, but it was really just a compendium of musings from this mennonite girl, some of which were kind of clever.

wonderful but life-busying things are happening for the dotytron right now. he's working at the music store, and volunteering at our old high school one day a week to gain in-class experience for his teacher's college application. he also teaches music out of our house on sundays, but some of his students are shifty. while he was serving some lady and her kid at the music store, she was so impressed with his way with children (the dotytron has like, babies falling out of his fingertips, that's how good with kids he is), that she recommended him to her catholic school board, so on sunday he was offered a job teaching in their after-school music program on mondays and fridays. the pay is amazing and it's going to look FANTABULOUSO on his application. on top of all this he has a meeting today with another all-music school to see if he can teach there. poor little squirrel-that-looks-like-abraham-lincoln is working 7 days a week now, and he still has to finish two courses and do this crazy music jury thing where they have to learn like a billion songs, and the judges call like, 10 and he has to be able to play on them, cold. i'm sympathetic to his state and i'm being extra nice and soft lately, but i'm also secretly glad to see some hustle from him. eye on the prize! eye on the prize!

last night's dinnie was delicious. i have a secret passion for fried seafood and tartar sauce. tartar sauce is one of my "mother" sauces. in classic french cooking, the mother sauces are the basis for all the sauces in the french canon, and it's stuff like demi-glace, bechamel, blah blah blah. mine is like, tartar sauce, bagna cauda, sweet chili dipping sauce, etc. ha. tonight for dinnie we're having a quick pasta of zucchini that i slice thin and sautee with garlic and chilies and toss with the hot pasta and some grated pecorino romano. with a baby spinach salad with toasted pecans and goat cheese in a bacon vinaigrette on the side.


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