Monday, September 10, 2007

backstreet's back, aight!

well, it's the new, improved, less stressed, more relaxed version (2.0 perhaps?) of karl lagerfeld esquire round these parts, which is what two weeks of doing absolutely nothing will do for you. i mean, we did do things, but we didn't HAVE to do anything, which is the major point for the very existence of the muskokas region, as far as i'm concerned. the first week with my family at the cottage we rented was non-stop laughs; hilariousness; bawdy, off-colour humour; ruminations round the fire every night; star-gazing; lazing on the dock; swimming in the unseasonably warm water; snacking; and eating outrageously, sinfully well. the lake we were on was fairly small (only about 1 - 1.5km across) and wasn't overly deep, so the water was really nice and refreshing. we were blessed with fantastic weather - hot, no humidity, blazing sun for every day except for one. the cottage was fairly well-appointed, although the "fully stocked kitchen" was a big, fat, lie. i mean, i guess it was "fully stocked" if all you were going to be eating was weiners and beans, but for the way **I** cook at the cottage, it was slim pickin's. the good thing was, that in my infinite wisdom and obsessive compulsiveness, i packed about 30 tonnes of kitchen equipment to make our lives easier. my other major contribution to the events of the cottage was the idea to create thebaby-containment-holding pen known forthwith as "babydome" (2 kids enter, 1 kid leaves). basically, i stuck some blankets down inside a mosquito tent on the property, we'd chuck the kids in there, and then zip 'em up while we went and drove atv's drunk, mixed heavy machinery with depressants, and drove around in a shallow lake with a 160 horsepower engine. fun! i jest, though. in reality, we were mere steps away, mainly to prevent alarmingly brazen chipmunks from slipping into the tent and terrorizing the children.

it was a fantastic, family-bonding experience. i'll put up some pictures of our time at the boy's family's cottage tomorrow. i was clever enough to take the day off today to futz around and clean and prepare for my insane-o weeks to come. i've got 12 hours of class time, 20 hours of work at the library, and 8 hours of work at the public library, bringing me to 40 hours from monday through friday. not counting the work i have to do for class (which is basically a joke, as faithful readers all know that i don't DO work for class).

i've been eating like a disgusting pig so it's back to healthy portion sizes and lots of fruits and veggies for me. tonight the roomie made us some kind of meat-based pasta, which we're having with caesar salad.

finally, what kind of geek-family cottage vacation would it be without a time-lapsed documented attempt at drawing the batman logo in sparklers?


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