Monday, August 06, 2007

zomg!!! zomg!!! zomg!!!

i dunno where my head is at, but i didn't take any pics of my dinnie last night, and it was AWESOME. it's like: i don't care about blogging anymore or something. but it's not true! i smoked some ribs over hickory for almost 2 1/2 hours, finished them with my chipotle bbq sauce, made dinosaur bbq's macaroni salad, and had caesar salad and leftover pie to finish, and it was glorious! you'll have to take my word for it.

you'll also have to take my word that DAFT PUNK DEFIES EXPECTATION AND DESCRIPTION (the pics are courtesy of some dude on a messageboard). holy. s**t. i want to be their friends. they're SO COMMITTED to their image that it makes me (someone who's VERY committed to my image) feel like i'm as uncommitted as britney spears, or something. i just feel like they're the kinds of people and musicians who are EXACTLY the same no matter what they're doing. like everything they produce is on the same continuum. it's the ultimate expression, as if performing at arrow hall, building that ridiculously insane l.e.d. triangle-pyramid rig, writing their tunes, and talking to you at a coffee shop is the EXACT same kind of conversation. very few artists are like that. very few artists make me feel like it's just WHAT THEY DO. as opposed to being a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of what they EXPECT to be the thing to do, or what they've learned is the "thing". it's very strange. but when it happens, it's THE BOMB. they're so cool! so cute! j'adore!!!! there's a sincerity and LOVE there that is so appealing. i'm sure zappa was the same way, coltrane, mingus, miles davis.

me and the boy had a convo this morning about how today's jazz artists are so steeped in the CANON that they have to become such virtuosic and theoretical lions, that it produces people who don't live lives WITH other people. like, they can ONLY talk jazz to other jazz heads (like a lot of the boy's friends are annoying like this) and don't seem to share the same world, which produces music that's missing a certain communicability.

today is a schluffy day. we're going to laze about and eat pizza and play frisbee and be smooshy together. then we rejoin the real world for a couple of weeks and then COTTAGE X 2 WEEKS!!!


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