Sunday, August 05, 2007

"this is a house of math, NOT a house of tupac"

- that's a quote courtesy of dr. rei's dad, by way of dr. rei last night. the hilariousness of that quote speaks to the general gaiety that was had last night. conversation topics that touched on: classicism, homophobia, racism, the movie "crash", whether our capacity to deal with technologies innovations in a considered, moral fashion was being outstripped by the pace at which technology was developing; were interspersed with talk about who's the hottest actress in the world, steven hawking eating go-bots for breakfast, steven hawking leaving his (surprisingly) hot wife for a robot, what's the best television show, that fact that thom yorke's wonky eye has basically gotten to the point where it's turned around and facing inside his head, and how much it would take to have sex with a plethora of people, priests, steven hawking, and finally, rita mcneil. which lead to the boy, in a drunken frenzy of misunderstanding to exclaim, "go camping with rita mcneil?!? aw, i would do that for FREE"

i would post other people's pics on here other than the ever-present bffff dr. rei, but i'm not sure how other people feel about having their mugs plastered on the internet.

there was a eleventh-hour addition to the lobsty-fest last night that was brought by another guest, who (we suspect) was in my grade 2 class. he's going to try to dig up a picture of me in grade 2...hilarious! he's now doing his phd in neuroscience in philadelphia. after all the trouble of lobster-fest...can you believe i FORGOT to take a picture of the full spread?!? i'm shocked and appalled.

it was fantastic times. the poolside sunning and swimming was refreshing, and yesterday was THE PERFECT summer day. not a cloud in the sky, clear, with a mild breeze and a balmy 26C (not the 35+ we've been suffering through). lovely lovely lovely.

and of course, tonight is DAFT PUNK!!!!!!! in your FACE!!!!!!! i'm going to go insane. bucwild, 100$ insane. i've been spoiler-alerting myself with pictures of the inside of the massive pyramid they build on stage to light and control the whole rig (from which they perform) and watching tonnes of footage on youtube.


for dinnie tonight i'm smoking ribs on the bbq with dinosaur bbq pasta salad (using their recipe) and leftover caesar salad. with leftover pies.


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dr.rei said...

wow i haven't laughed as hard as i laughed last night for a long time....i just seriously laughed my ass off again reading what you wrote.
rita mcneil in her natural habitat! LOL!!!! wowowowowoow so fun! best garlic bread of life!