Sunday, August 19, 2007

a study in yellow

last night's dinner ended up being very yellow and golden, except my chicken didn't brown as much as i would have liked it to. i made cornbread for the express purpose of eating it slathered with margarine and maple syrup, and it holds up to further scrutiny. i don't think i can have cornbread any other way. i ate an ungodly amount of chicken skin, which made me feel VERY guilty afterwards. not so guilty that i didn't eat dessert, though (blueberry pudding cake with vanilla ice cream).

you know what time we went to bed last night? TEN PM. we're practically geriatrics round these parts. to be fair, new york friend was hung over, the boy was mildly hung over, the roomie is on call, and my excuse? i'd been buzzing around like a bee all day.

we watched "hot fuzz" last night. it's about as funny as "shawn of the dead". i mean, there weren't points where i was dying with laughter but it elicited more than its' fair share of chuckles. it's kind of a send-up of those michael bay-buddy cop action flicks, and as a satire it works pretty well - highlighting the forced dramatics and ridiculous action shots frequently employed in that amped-up genre. the absurdity of the storyline matches the satiric tone of the flick and there's lots of likable characters.

it's my stepdad's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG D!!! (he doesn't read this)

my mom emailed me really late to do something, but big d's so lowkey, we kinda figured nothing was happening so we planned something here for the roomie instead. tonight we're having roast goose, with a port gravy, potatoes roasted in goose fat, a broccoflower and carrot horseradish casserole, and corn on the cob. it's a bit of a strange, dickens-christmas-in-the-summer vibe, but i'm trying to make oodles of space in the freezer for the glut of cottage stuff to come. for her birthday cake, i'm making a lemon curd, mixed berry and whipped cream golden layer cake.


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dr.rei said...

oh man i'm dying over that cornbread. first of all, i love cornbread under normal circumstances. so you can imagine how i feel about the prospect of lathering it with fat and sugar.