Wednesday, August 22, 2007

pizza day!

remember pizza days at school? when the mere suggestion of pizza being brought to your school to break the monotony of an endless line of sandwiches, minute maid fruit punch juice boxes, or snackables was enough to send you into a flurry of novelty-infused excitement? i sure do. this is, of course, before you hit your late student/university years, when pizza loses its novelty status and becomes the rotating staple in a short card of regular dinner options.

this nostalgia-tinged preamble is merely to preface the announcement that i'm having a pizza lunch at work today. weeeeeee! i convinced my supervisor to order from mamma's. she's also making us ceasar salad and bringing pop or water or juice and having watermelon. i baked a lemon curd tart in a poppyseed crust.

last night's dinnie was muy fun! great company is the best stuff ever. i've also taken out some "learn italian" cds from the library to practice before i go to florence. oh yeah, i'm planning on going to florence, rome, and venice with dr. rei and the boy (aka ian...thanks, spoiler alert jenn!) after school ends in late april/may. which meant that i was answering the phone with a booming, "buon giorno!" all afternoon and night, which meant that the telemarketers who make up the bulk of our phone calls (we have no friends...or at least, no phoning friends) were mightily confused and hung up a few times.

tonight i'm going to lil' baci for dinner with some old high school friends of the boy's (aka ian)


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