Friday, August 03, 2007

love for the world...

i love all my friends and my family and my coworkers (except the public library ones, who can be drags). i love the security guards at the library who apparently told my coworker as she was leaving yesterday that i was cute and friendly and thought i was in HIGH SCHOOL (!!!!!!!)

the roomie HAS A JOB!!!!!!!! and more importantly, potentially starts on MONDAY so that she can enjoy the partyingest, most rockingest weekend of ALL TIME!!!! my lovely friends took me out to dinner last night and it was so much fun. we were also surprised by the visit from the roomie's (now my also) friend from new york. so it's going to be a full house of laughter and good times this weekend. i love a full house!

sigh, i'm a lucky lucky lucky girl. take THAT michael jackson disease!

my other brother visited last night, harangued me for cake, found out there was none, stayed and talked comic books and made fun of me, and then left. tonight my mummy is taking me out to dinner at jean's and montreal friend is coming, and i think i'm just going to take it easy and relax. OR i could go to hip hop party's 3 year anniversary, but according to dr. rei, the dj list sounds suspect. if i go dancing anywhere other than daft cakes, i think i might hit the peer pressure night tomorrow at the drake underground, post lobsty-fest.

today's a short day at work. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!

one one one !!!!! 11111 !!!!!! one one one


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