Saturday, August 04, 2007


it's the most, wonderful time, of the year! the title would infer that this marks just one in a long lineage of lobster-cookouts at my house. that would be misleading. in fact, this is the inaugural new england style lobster boil i've ever hosted (but is the culmination of many years of yearning and pining). the theme is byol, bring your own lobster, as i am without the financial means to provide all and sundry with lobsters (actually, i'm buying all the lobsters and being reimbursed)

we're also going to go to the pool today and hang out and be rambunctious and scandalous and sun ourselves like teenager beached seals. what a glorious day!!! happiness!!!

the menu tonight is: steamed lobster, boiled red skinned potatoes tossed in sour cream and herbs, corn on the cob with butter, and caesar salad. for dessert, 3 kinds of pie (hey, it's my birthday weekend!!!): strawberry mousse pie, peanut butter pie with fleur de sel, and blueberry sour cream pie.

it's going to be a feast for the ages!!!


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