Thursday, August 23, 2007

lil' baci

did not disappoint. my only quibble (and it's a small one) is that the room is all hard angles and consequently very loud. it makes for a very shouty dining experience. the company was nice, although i didn't feel i got to talk it out as much as i like to. however, i did get to express my hate for various things, such as: alberta, faith-based funding of schools in ontario, and i think there were some more but i forget. which caused one of my dining companions to announce, "wow, you hate a lot of stuff" which i thought was a most egregious reading of me. for some reason, people tend to focus on the stuff that i hate, making me seem like i'm some willy nilly hater of all and sundry. not true! last night, with equal weight, i professed my love for the following: cured meat, akon, and some other stuff i also can't remember.

there was also a hilarious mission for cupcakes after dinner that was very peanuts-esque (as in, the beloved charles schultz comic) in its execution and resolution. i was also wearing a new(ish) ebay purchase that i love. it's a cream coloured dress with silver chevron stripes, slightly sheer, in a style and cut that makes me feel like faye dunaway. kind of late 60s, early 70s dreamy feel. today i'm wearing a new blouse from ebay that makes me look like an intrepid girl reporter from a slapstick romantic comedy from the 50s. i LOVE clothes. see? so there.

i'm going nearly bats**t insane with cottage preparations. it's killing me. what's also killing me is my family's near-obsessive need to turn any situation that could easily be resolved with SIMPLE AND TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION into a giant, disorganized, cluster of epic proportions. i love my mum, but her spirit animal is a monkey wrench.

tonight we're having a salad nicoise with poached eggs for dinnie. i'm trying to keep things simple as i'm going on a two week vacay on saturday.


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