Thursday, August 16, 2007

is there anything cuter

than a fat little bumblebee, stuttering around, all drunk on nectar? i don't think so. our garden's in full bloom right now and we have a couple of plants that are bumblebee favorites. which spurred the boy last night to suggest, "we should keep bees". YES! how fun would that be to make your own honey? i have a co-worker whose husband is a beekeeper so i'm going to get the lowdown from her.

the neighbours STILL haven't gotten rid of the garbage. they've moved it under a tarp in their backyard. apparently a lot of it isn't "garbage" per se, so they're waiting for nice neighbour lady to get back to give a final verdict on which stuff is for keeping and which stuff is true garbage. i'm no expert, but i think this is a bad idea. if you have someone who has a tendency to keep things in general, why would you give them the option? OF COURSE they're going to want to keep it. that's what they do! i'd just haul everything to the dump, myself.

last night's dinnie was just what the doctor ordered. a juicy epitome of burger-ness. i will never understand why people feel the need to gussy up hamburgers. breadcrumbs, eggs, worcestire, etc. all you need is BEEF. and salt and pepper. look at that corn! finally sweet corn paid off like crazy. it was practically dessert.
real dessert was that blueberry pudding cake pictured to the right, which i know, i know, i overcooked. preparing food poorly plagues me. it eats away at my soul. actually, doing anything half-assed or poorly eats away at my soul (except for school, where the half-assedness of my school doesn't inspire full-assedness from myself). i'm a total perfectionist. i can't help it.

tonight i'm getting my hair cut, which puts me in the queen west area, which means that i'll be grabbing takeout from gandhi's for dinner. mutter paneer roti, butter chicken, malai kofta, and maybe a lamb curry one for my little bro.


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