Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i went to the doctor

and guess what she told me? (guess what she told me?)...well, it wasn't "boy you better try to have fun no matter what you do". why do i carry sinead o'connor lyrics in my head? is it the same reason i know all the lyrics to a matthew sweet song? and ugly kid joe songs?

the doctor was pretty comforting about the eye. she gave a look-see in there and said there was some redness, and postulated that it was the beginning of a sty and that my body was probably fighting it on its own. however, she was less encouraging about the ringworm, which isn't ringworm at all, but some kind of rash. she's going to refer me to a dermatologist. she also noticed that there's some weird lighter pigmented patches on my skin, that no one else i'm in regular contact with has noticed. i'm kind of pissed, because the last time i thought i had ringworm i went to a walk-in clinic and was an idiot and shot my load and told the doctor who saw me that that's what i thought it was, and so being a walk-in clinic doctor, with you know, credentials and stuff, he decided that i was really more qualified to assess such things, didn't even LOOK at my face, and prescribed me a very powerful steroid cream. which i applied. which might have caused the differing pigmentation on my face. great. i tried to fob off my doctor by saying, "well, maybe i'm just...dirty" her (very dry, very clipped delivery): "its. not. dirt." so i'm kind of freaking out that i have michael jackson's skin disease, which is kinda cool but kinda rough. i've never really aspired to be a white person. maybe now, i'll be getting me some white privilege. sweet!

the dynamic in my house is very cute right now, especially with my little bro living here. he's sleeping in my living room, so usually he's in there post-dinner, mucking around on his computer, seemingly engrossed. however, he can apparently hear all the conversations we have in the roomie's room, and busts out funny little interjections. last night the roomie was talking about how she still doesn't know if she has a job, but that if she does, they want her to start right away and she'll have to miss daft punk. "sour!" she says, "sour!" i echo, "sour!" my little bro chimes in from out of nowhere. the roomie and i were doing yoga and stretching in her room and she was complaining about her headache, and then we hear, "do you want me to go out and get you some ice cream?" isn't he a good egg? what a good egg! finally, as he was leaving the house to go do his workouts, the roomie goes, "bye little brother!" and just before the door clicks shut he replies, "bye...big sister." so cute!

today i'm having lunch with my ex bf's mom at the cafe at hart house. i told me co-worker and she was all like, "whatever, jennifer aniston." ha! but seriously, my ex bf's mom LOVES me. i always liked being around their place because she has two sons and no daughters so i got a lot of the run-off from that. she publicly sings my praises every chance she gets. she also uses me to pry into her son's life. i gotta be careful.

tonight for dinner the boy is taking me to amuse-bouche restaurant. beware if you click the link! it's flash-heavy. i kinda hate flash websites. it's like, quit wasting my time! i got s**t to do! just show me the goods! anyway, the menu looks good, but i think i'm going to order two apps (they have horse tartare!), because the mains seems a little insipid and uninspired. lamb saddle? so dry! beef tenderloin? such a boring cut! duck breast? snoozefest! i'll post a full review with pictures tomorrow.


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