Wednesday, August 08, 2007

i know what you're thinking...

that time spent in a phillipines prison must be a never-ending, soul-crushing, monotonous grind of fear and self-loathing; a daily maelstrom of depraved and demoralizing activities and events that will leave you a blackened and hardened shell of an individual.


check this out - it's the phillipines inmates who somehow learned the choreography to thriller. i know what you're going to ask, how did they get a WOMAN in there strictly for the purposes of maintaining accuracy? well, that's no woman! it's a ladyboy!!!

finally, here's a clip from the encore of the toronto daft punk show. i love robots and french people! you know who else was french? oh, only foucault, baudrillard, and derrida. and they were probably robots too. love!

i'll post some pics from dinnie last night either later today or tomorrow.

tonight for dinner we're having penne with fried eggplant, grape tomatoes, basil and olives with a salad.


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