Saturday, August 18, 2007

i know, i know

dear readers: i'm as deeply troubled by the hither-and-yon, flighty, unpredictable posting times around san dimas here, as you are. if there's one thing k. lagerfeld, esquire adores, it's regularity! order! schedules! things have just been crazy, what with my 1 hour earlier start time at work this past week, and the non-stop party extravaganza that was last night.

first: an interjection. behold my quickie dinner last night! it's a nicoise sandwich, which means the components that make up a salad nicoise, stuffed into a roll (in this case, an ace bakery rosemary focaccia roll). there's blanched green beans, sliced tomato, roasted red and yellow pepper, a hard boiled egg, and my infamous green olive tapenade. it's nutritious and delicious and really hits the spot. comes together in about 20 minutes (if you have my infamous olive tapenade waiting in the recesses of your fridge to be called upon for just such an occasion).

truth be told, last night's parties were rather sedate (at least, at the point that we arrived/left). it was good times though, although it inexplicably became FREEZING cold last night. i was alright, but biking against the wind felt like it was november already. not an encouraging sign of things to come.

i've just worked a 4 hour shift and have a mighyt list of things to tackle. *ahem* *assumes list oration voice* : lemon curd, strawberry fig jam (make and jar), caramel peach jam (jar), infamous olive tapenade, tonight's dinner, roomie's birthday cake components, blueberry compote for roomie's birthday breakfast, poppyseed pie crust, wash and fill in my 4 month laminated calendar, yoga, and start thinking about packing for the cottage.

i've actually ALREADY started packing for the cottage. i started last week. 3 weeks before we're going. heehee. i can't help it! i won't be happy til everything is packed and accounted for. there's nothing that makes me happier than regularity! order! schedules! things accounted for!

tonight for dinner we're having bbq brick-weighted grilled chicken (the chicken has the backbone taken out, is spread flat, and is grilled weighed down with bricks) slathered in my chipotle bbq sauce with corn on the cob and grilled yellow squash. last night, at the high school friend's birthday hoo-ha, i was hepped to something glorious. they had it at a cajun creole restaurant called southern accent. well, they serve cornbread there, and the high school friend's brother slathers the cornbread with butter and then tops it with maple syrup. HELLO NEW FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD, I'M KARL LAGERFELD, YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND! it was amazing.


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