Friday, August 24, 2007

gone fishin'

well ladies and gents, for the next two weeks i'll be internet-and-blog-free, hanging out at a cottage my family rented in bracebridge for a week, then spending a week with the dotytron and his family at their cottage in the muskokas. i will be in engaging in plenty of the above, as well as communing with this:
and hanging with these peeps:

it's going to be so much fun! i've been waiting for this all summer. i can't wait to wake up and have the only pressing concern (and not that pressing at that) be making breakfast and dinner. long, endless hours spent reading in screened-in porches, listening to the sounds of water, stargazing at night, roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire, laying on a dock, getting up early to watch the sun rise over a lake as still as glass. there's something about cottage country in ontario that tugs at my heartstrings. i can't think of any place i'd rather be, surrounded by my families and unwinding.

enjoy the next two weeks, team!


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sg said...

well, you def. deserve a break! have a great time and see you soon.