Friday, August 10, 2007

end of something old...

start of something new. we finished watching "freaks and geeks" last night. in the ongoing story of my life, the abrupt cancellation of the show left the writers with no choice but to leave viewers with no resolution or closure to major plot points. daniel desario had just embraced his inner geek and had joined the quintet of neil, bill, sam, gordon, and (my personal favorite, pictured here) harris trinsky in a dungeons and dragons game where he unveiled his character "carlos the dwarf", lindsay was possibly feeling the effects of nick's new disco-loving girlfriend and blew off this academic conference to attend a grateful dead show, and there was all sorts of other business simmering in the air. boooo!!! why do all the good shows have to die?!?

in the "something new" category, i'm embarking on strange and uncharted waters in the world of feminine hygiene. that's right, i'm furthing embracing my inner (non-flakebot, ruthlessly unsentimental and non-flighty) hippie and doing away with waste-producing, fossil-fuel coated tampons and pads (technically, i haven't used a pad since i was like, 15) and going all diva. diva cup, that is. there it is, folks, in all it's freakishly alien, siliconed glory. basically, you squish it up, jam it into your lady bits and it catches the flow from your "special time". you can't really feel it when it's in there properly, and all you have to do is pull it out, give 'er a rinse, and you're good to go (i'm going to sterilize mine in boiling water every now and then). so environmentally friendly!!! i guess this could be construed as a TMI for some peeps, but not in the blabby world of no-privacy lagerfeld.

today i'm having lunch with my friend...i love friend lunches at work because it makes the time go by so quickly. i also got invited to my coworker's bachelorette party in october. i think it's going to be halloween themed...that'll be fun! (but also terror-inducing from the social perspective).

this weekend is the most dreaded weekend in my beloved 'hood - krinos "taste of the danforth". i'll save you all the trouble of schlepping your five million kids and monster strollers and high expectations over to the east side and tell you that the "tastes" of the danforth can apparently be reduced to over-cooked, tough, cheap cuts of souvlaki at exorbitant prices, waffles (where do the waffles come from?) and the odd little exotica such as grilled quail or lamb innards. for the most part, it's not worth it, and the danforth becomes overun with litter and sweaty bodies and blaring music. i try to avoid at all costs, so tonight i'm going to go low-key, take advantage of the cool weather and jar some peach preserves and bake my lil' bro's birthday cake. we're having grilled, coca-cola marinated pork chops with a bean and roasted red pepper salad and corn, if i can find any good stuff...lately i haven't found ANY ontario corn that's been sweet.

last night we laid out on the picnic table because there's a meteor shower happening for the next few nights. i saw one!!! it was like the brightest, closest, shooting star ever!!! it looked like a single firework arcing across the sky. once you see one, you're hooked, and you want to see another soo bad that you're willing to sit out there for all eternity til you get another's like playing a round of golf - you keep going for that perfect swing, or playing skeeball - you keep feeding coins in so that you can hit that sweet 1000 point spot. this weekend is going to consist of a lot of laying out on the picnic table waiting for shooting stars. aka the perfect summer evening.


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