Friday, August 17, 2007

birthday asplosion!

this weekend is a birthday bonanza. it is: the roomie's birthday, high school friend's birthday, canoe friend's birthday, stepdad's birthday. that's a lot of birthdays! we're hitting two parties tonight - the roomie's "dirty thirty" party that she and her crew are throwing (about 5 of them turn 30 in august), and then the highschool friend's party. it's going to be a frenzy of drive-by/one drink affairs and then home and rest.

this weekend is going to be pretty lowkey. i'm packing for my cottage vacation, doing some preserving, and making a special birthday meal for the roomie.

tonight for dinner i think i'm going to make a nicoise sandwich, with beans, boiled egg, olives, basil, roasted pepper, and tomato. and some sweet corn on the side.


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