Tuesday, August 07, 2007

beautiful girls

okay, i don't know how many of you have heard that sean kingston song "beautiful girls" on the radio, but i heard it for the first time about a month ago when i was visiting my sister in the states, and we were APPALLED. it's a song that's laid over the hook for "stand by me" and ben e. king is spinning somewhere (i'm not sure if he's dead or not) at the travesty his song has become. let's just say the chorus consists of the words "suicidal, suicidal." nuff said, right?


i saw the video on the weekend, and i can no longer harp on the song. the singer is adorable! i have unlimited pathos in what's left in my blackened heart for fat kids and old people, and he's a pretty fat kid.

here you go:

tonight i'm being taken to barrio by the boy's parents for dinner. it's a small-plates place on the danforth. but i'm back on the healthy good eating train, because well, quite frankly, loafing about watching tv for 10 hours straight does make you feel a little icky. i'm maxed out on junk food for a while.


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