Saturday, August 11, 2007

bad, bad day

yesterday was a bad day for me and the roomie. . the roomie had a similar situation where she felt dumb and slow yesterday and it was just stressful all around. having to weed my way through the "taste of the danforth" throngs and being faced with stores that closed EARLY on the danforth because of that stupid fair was annoying to the extreme. i didn't finish my peach preserves and i gambled on my bro's cake (i didn't line the insides of the pans with parchment and just buttered and floured them) and lost (the middle layer stuck a bit). we were cranky cranky cranky numbers yesterday. to top it off, my bbq is acting funny again.

today i've got a 9-5 as a public service assistant at the public library. but it sucks only having 1 day off. i feel like i've got a tonne of shit to get done and no time to do it.


tonight me and the boy were planning on biking into kensington to find ourselves a variety of hand-held victuals from which to make our dinner (tacos, empanada, pupusas, fish sammies). that's if i'm feeling ambitious. if not, we might just stick around closer to home and eat in leslieville.


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sg said...

my bad too. i understand the anxiety but i am sure you have nothing to worry about slugger,