Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the baconator

is my new best friend. i was taken out for a belated birthday lunch of all you can eat indian food at kathmandu (yonge and wellesley) by two of my super-nice coworkers yesterday. the buffet is delicious there and i ate a LOT. so, feeling full from that, i naturally decided to scrap cooking for dinner. since the day was already a partial write-off, i decided to make it a full write-off and tried my very first wendy's "baconator". it's AMAZING. there's no vegetables on it! it's just the beefy patties (and i will say, that wendy's manages to imbue their mostly-soy-and-chemical-composite patties with an amazing amount of char-grilled beefy flavour) with processed cheese and loads of bacon. it's amazing. i really really really enjoyed it. we scarfed down this cornucopia of empty calories with the movie "drumline" on bravo. it's pretty good, mainly for the drum sequences and marching band formations (i love formations!), but it lacks the heart and cohesiveness of "stomp the yard" which is the definitive film in the screwed-up-kid-who-learns-humility-and-team-work-through-group-activity-involving-choreography-and-music idiom.

i also experienced my first do-you-own coin carwash yesterday (hey, i'm an upper middle class kid from family doesn't DO do-you-own carwashes). i had *just* taken a shower when in comes the boy, enticing me with promises of fun, sun, and suds. being the game-for-fun intrepid, plucky little thing that i am, i said YES! it's not how you imagine it. it's actually kind of seedy. and you get COVERED in filth, and film, and the water jets out at a velocity that coats you in a dirt-encrusted fine mist. but i was pleased with the boy for showing some initiative to clean out his parents car. which was a right mess and emerged a slightly-less-right mess.

dinner tonight is burgers. real ones. made with proper beef. and a salad. and blueberry pudding cake for dessert. real. healthy. proper. food.


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