Wednesday, July 25, 2007

you know what i'm sick of?!?

i'll tells ya. recently, dr. rei was trying to tell me this story about how, due to over-fishing in china, an overgrowth of plankton and algae has given rise to GIANT 400 lb squids that are terrorizing the strip of ocean between china and japan. as she was trying to impress upon me the grotesque enormity of an armada of half-tonne squids with trailing tentacles, my only comment was to interrupt with an exasperated, "i'm SICK of everyone trying to blame chinese people for EVERYTHING!"

and you know what? i AM.

i'm also not impressed with the conservative government's idea to spend close to half a billion dollars funding faith-based schools in ontario. whatever happened to PUBLIC EDUCATION?!? there were stories all up in the newspapers the other day, about how people of the hindu faith can't afford the $8000 tuition for private hindu schools and are feeling the pinch. well you know WHAT? i'd LOVE to send my (fictitious) kids to HARVARD or the LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS but i can't afford that either! whatever happened to SAVING for your kids' education? sheesh! it's like no one wants to work anymore. technically, it's the catholic school board's fault. i say cancel the catholic school board, separate church and state, and throw all that money into PUBLIC SCHOOLS. and if you want your kid to go to a specialized institution, you can hold a billion bake sales and pay for it your damn selves.

tonight for dinner i'm making ricotta and mozzarella stuffed zucchini blossoms with a zucchini ribbon - parmesan and garlic penne.



sg said...

just a wee IR note-the over fishing in china is mainly to provide cheap seafood to north america and western europe-a basic *rule* of our current econ. system is that demand will dictate supply, therefor it is the expectation of cheap seafood, rather than its supply, that is the problem (see *war on drugs* for one example of how targeting the supply side is not effective)

also, PP can die a horrible death and all public faith based schools can meekly follow

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

see! they blame my people when it's those fat cat north americans who are to blame for giant squid attacks!

we'll talk thursday, non?

homer said...

thom friedman says:
everytime you want to say that
"China is doing x"
rephrase that as
"20% of the world's population is doing x"