Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the wonders of tantric bum chakras

as evidenced by the perpetual youthfulness of one gordon sumner (that's sting to you, me, and the rest of the world). we saw the police last night at the acc and it was a great show! it's the first big concert i've been to in a long, long while. the acc is so cavernous that it's kind of hard to get a vibe going in there...i think i'd much prefer everyone to be on the same level, no chairs, pushed in cheek-by-jowl a la wembley or something...it's so much more hype! but the police were polished performers with nary a wrong note and thankfully (for my poor catalogue of their repertoire) they stuck mainly to the hits. sting's voice is so distinctive and evocative.

i'm feeling kind of lethargic lately, something i'm putting down to the poopiness of the weather and the horribleness of my diet of the last little while (thus the late entry). my lovable supervisor brought me a stuffed eggplant for lunch which was absolutely delicious - a mini eggplant, stuffed with a savory meat mixture and sauced liberally with a thick, reduced tomato sauce lashed with fresh basil. she's managed to single-handedly turn me around on the inclusion of breadcrumbs in meat mixtures (meatballs, meatloaf), which i used to snobbishly turn my nose up at, sniffing "filler!" with disdain. breadcrumbs, soaked in milk or water really do result in tenderness and softness, without any of that tough brawny bounce of 100% meat. i'm sold!

finally, i'm obsessed with edward tufte. i can't reiterate enough how much i adore his treatise on the failures of powerpoint. a sample quote (on the frequent and ubiquitious habit of printing out powerpoint presentations as handouts and slides *cough* UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO'S FACULTY OF INFORMATION STUDIES *cough*): "the resolution of printed-out slide decks is remarkably low, approaching dementia" DIVINE! the over-reliance on powerpoint's banal and punishingly uninformative and overly reduced bulleted summations is something that i've been railing about since i started school last fall. it seems to run rampant at the Faculty of Information Studies and is commensurate with the paucity of actual, graduate-level learning to be had there. in place of rigor, we have endless streams of content poor slides with insulting clip art.

it would be one thing if my faculty just KNEW this, but no, they have to be u of t smug about it (while managing the simultaneous feat of being u of t painfully-out-of-touch) and the students for the most part are, i hate to say it, kinda lame and (imho) total dumBies (hard "b" sound...rhymes with gumby), preoccupied with nattering on about word limits and formatting, instead of producing anything interesting.

but i'm not bitter. ha!!!

tonight for dinner we're having long beans, tofu, and pork stirfry in chili black bean sauce on steamed rice.



dr. rei said...

dude! i keep forgetting to mention that you and vanderburg are kindred spirits. he was so obsessed with that tufte book last year...i had to have it read on tape for him. if there's anything in this crazy mixed-up world that vandy HATES it's powerpoint. he was trying to convince me not to submit a powerpoint presentation to the conference in june...he's like, LET THEM SQUIRM! lol

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

we're a dying breed, us anti-pp stalwarts.

that's hilarious!!!

did YOU read it on tape?

dr. rei said...

true that...vandy gives three hour lectures with no notes, let alone p-point!

naw, i don't usually read things on tape for him. he usually sends books to an organization called PAL. i did give it a look before dropping it off though and it seemed like a sweet book for sure.

Chris said...

you should see U of Edinburgh edcuation depatment.

TONS of PP. it was insane. and SOOOOO many people came to class with the printed out versions that have the 4 or 5 small lines beside the image to write notes one.


fucking wankers.